Message from Dr. NUGGETS in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #modeling

2019-04-13 21:24:56 UTC  

You and me both

2019-04-13 21:27:20 UTC  

My shitty little test hut to see how buildings work in the SDK.

2019-04-13 21:28:35 UTC  

Looks like something from rural Lesotho

2019-04-13 21:28:48 UTC  

But not that bad

2019-04-13 21:28:59 UTC  

Ja didn't really put much effort into it since it's just a test

2019-04-13 21:30:09 UTC  

There will be huts and such for kraals as there were plenty in SWA and southern Angola. Of course concrete structures will also be included for the larger towns such as Cassinga, Ondjiva etc.

2019-04-13 21:31:00 UTC  

Will have to do some research on those places though to figure out what kind of structures they had. Also will see what I can do with real world topography using World Machine and Google Maps

2019-04-13 21:31:03 UTC  

Ahh ok so these will only be scattered about?

2019-04-13 21:31:17 UTC  

They'll be concentrated in rural villages

2019-04-13 21:31:23 UTC  

No lone huts

2019-04-13 21:31:27 UTC  

Ok cool

2019-04-13 21:31:34 UTC  

Something like this -

2019-04-13 21:32:55 UTC

2019-04-13 21:36:03 UTC  

Aahh ok and will they be widely spaced between settlement to settlement? But nothing extreme?

2019-04-13 21:36:29 UTC  

As in large distances from one village to another?

2019-04-13 21:36:49 UTC  


2019-04-13 21:38:34 UTC  

Ja probably. It depends on the area where the map is for example the Cassinga map would feature Cassinga and depending on how large the map itself is it may include other surrounding villages.

Some maps in Squad are based on real world locations such as Skorpo (name may be wrong) which was made by Zeno. I'll seek advice from him when I get to making the actual maps since I want the maps to be based on real world locations using real world satellite data.

2019-04-13 21:39:10 UTC  

So rivers will be exactly where they are in reality and their shape as well

2019-04-13 21:39:32 UTC  

Of course there may be some liberties taken if necessary.

2019-04-13 21:40:06 UTC  

Ahh ok wicked yeah cause 1 to 1 scale will be impossible

2019-04-13 21:41:12 UTC  

Ja the scale would likely be off as Zeno's map is as well. I'm a total noob when it comes to map making so I'm talking out of inexperience at the moment. Once I start tackling that we'll see what happens.

2019-04-13 21:42:19 UTC  

Ueah nah dont worry i have no knowledge of map making other that building weird shit age of empires and stuff

2019-04-13 21:43:41 UTC  

And Building your own little maps to do skermishes on for wow

2019-04-14 05:14:18 UTC

2019-04-14 05:14:18 UTC

2019-04-14 05:43:32 UTC

2019-04-14 05:43:32 UTC

2019-04-14 05:43:33 UTC

2019-04-14 05:43:33 UTC

2019-04-14 05:43:34 UTC

2019-04-14 05:43:36 UTC

2019-04-14 05:43:37 UTC

2019-04-14 05:43:37 UTC

2019-04-14 05:43:38 UTC

2019-04-14 05:43:38 UTC

2019-04-14 05:44:00 UTC

2019-04-14 08:15:09 UTC  

Oh man this is looking great!

2019-04-14 09:07:21 UTC  

damn damn daaamn

2019-04-14 09:07:30 UTC  

those 2 armored cars with 90mms

2019-04-14 09:07:32 UTC