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2017-05-29 03:44:55 UTC  

i make the game soo much longer than it needs to be using bow and arrow :/

2017-05-29 03:45:00 UTC  


2017-05-29 03:45:20 UTC  

Arvak can be aquired by either side

2017-05-29 03:45:36 UTC  

that dlc is broke on my PC and im pissed i cant play dawnguard

2017-05-29 03:46:05 UTC  

Most of the quests overlap for DG and vampires, so you have the opportunity to get Arvak regardless

2017-05-29 03:47:12 UTC  

That's one thing I miss about Morrowind. Different factions would lock you out of other factions, and the quests would be wildly different.

Thieves Guild and Fighters Guild, the 3 Great Houses, etc

2017-05-29 03:47:48 UTC  

That way when you replay the game you have tons of other stuff you haven't experienced before

2017-05-29 03:48:09 UTC

2017-05-29 03:48:15 UTC  

Don't kill me for saying this

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2017-05-29 03:48:27 UTC  

I never actually finished skyrim...

2017-05-29 03:48:32 UTC  


2017-05-29 03:48:35 UTC  

neither did I lol

2017-05-29 03:48:39 UTC  

I did so many of the side quests tho

2017-05-29 03:48:42 UTC  

Also banned

2017-05-29 03:48:44 UTC  

And started like 3 different characters

2017-05-29 03:48:48 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan looks good

2017-05-29 03:49:00 UTC  

You working on the right to exist one ???

2017-05-29 03:49:03 UTC  

remember in morrowind the imperial cult

2017-05-29 03:49:38 UTC  

Nigger you know it @Fox Tx

I gotta redesign all of them finally because they were like one of the two things I havent designed personally for the group

2017-05-29 03:49:49 UTC  

When I got here we had the (old) logo and 4 posters.

2017-05-29 03:50:13 UTC  

Everything else is yours truly, but yeah now I can reuse the vectors on other graphics and change colors and whatnot. It's complicated.

2017-05-29 03:50:18 UTC  

I had like 300+ hours in Skyrim

2017-05-29 03:50:32 UTC  

ive never finished any of the games :3

2017-05-29 03:50:47 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan they look a lot better now

2017-05-29 03:50:50 UTC  

I never completed the main quest line

2017-05-29 03:51:02 UTC  

Thanks Foxxy boy

2017-05-29 03:51:07 UTC  

Tom cat

2017-05-29 03:51:12 UTC  

Who wants to voice chat? @here

2017-05-29 03:51:17 UTC  

Thomas and Fox gay lovers confirmed

2017-05-29 03:51:24 UTC  

Ill voice

2017-05-29 03:51:32 UTC  

@Nathan TX show up to a meet up

2017-05-29 03:51:42 UTC  

Get in there fgt

2017-05-29 03:52:00 UTC  

what do you guys even talk about on the voice chat

2017-05-29 03:52:04 UTC  

Let me open steam on my PC

2017-05-29 03:52:15 UTC  

Right now just bants @rhus

2017-05-29 03:52:20 UTC

2017-05-29 03:52:21 UTC  

We talk about whatever we want

2017-05-29 03:52:31 UTC  
2017-05-29 03:52:39 UTC  

fuck you, maybe I will

2017-05-29 03:52:40 UTC