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New Jersey lads

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We're pretty sure no one broke any law

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<@&314230207307579402> Lemme get that red stuff

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Yankees? In ***MY*** board?

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Damn right

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#13colony supremacy

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Fun fact, New Jerseyians are the most powerful race

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New Jersey is so big that the states of Texas and Alaska could fit inside it's smallest city

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At least we can use fireworks

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I'm going to a club

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Who needs fireworks when you have pork roll and 24 hour bagel shops?

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@HipToTheJQ maz loves your work

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Thanks I'm real proud of it

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Jersey shore nationalism?

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I'm like such a superstar now

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Absolutely @Phillip-TX

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I'm not by the shore but interestingly enough many of the NJ goys are

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So Jersey shore nationalism seems to unironically be a thing now

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Actually the AtomWaffen kids in the state are around there as well. Lotta nazis on the trashy beaches here

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Great job. I'm glad it worked out so beautifully.

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@Fox Tx Send maz my regards for opposing the jews and their lies

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@HipToTheJQ I'm going to deep Ellum

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The funniest thing I saw was in the comments on a local news site, they were blaming the government for charging those kikes with fraud! <:smugHitler:318919890708856832>

2017-07-03 08:08:46 UTC  

when southern italians try to join Vanguard america

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Lmao^ your shitting me right

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So a 60 year old beer belly man at my work wants to join I told him I know you have a armory at home but i just don't think you'd be a good fit out on the streets

2017-07-03 10:39:25 UTC  

And teaching him to use discord would like be like trying to teach a nigger table manners

2017-07-03 13:14:32 UTC  

No to the beer guy. But discord isn't that hard

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Yea he wouldn't be all that useful

2017-07-03 13:49:41 UTC  

I think at some point we need an auxillary organization whose job it is to manage enclaves/redoubts, and provide logistical support.

2017-07-03 13:49:45 UTC  

So maybe that at some point.