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2017-06-25 04:41:17 UTC  


2017-06-25 04:41:24 UTC  

Cernvocich is a shill

2017-06-25 04:41:37 UTC  

And he did say he was going to use BLM tactics

2017-06-25 04:44:25 UTC  

Tomorrow will be interesting

2017-06-25 04:46:43 UTC  

I have a family reunion tomorrow so I be eating good food

2017-06-25 05:02:46 UTC

2017-06-25 05:02:47 UTC  

I better make the county news

2017-06-25 05:11:30 UTC  

well done Fox!

2017-06-25 06:05:14 UTC  

Got us a shout out

2017-06-25 10:16:42 UTC  

Damn you covered a lot of ground send us the link if it's on the news today XD

2017-06-25 10:19:01 UTC  

The degenerate parade was tonight here too security has been high in that area since Thursday for them I planned to sticker them however it would have been removed before anyone saw it

2017-06-25 10:21:04 UTC  

I'm going out to scout my routes today

2017-06-25 10:25:08 UTC  

THIS was the top headline on my go to Jews news site for my area

2017-06-25 10:25:51 UTC

2017-06-25 10:26:05 UTC  

What I don't want to run into

2017-06-25 10:28:57 UTC  

Now there doing a trans pride march wtf I'm fucking sick I'm going to scout my route now A year from now the top headline better read "vanguard America march"

2017-06-25 12:11:21 UTC  

I went on a date last night to Olive Garden and then a play. It was cool. My gf was wearing a Celtic Cross necklace. She said it was her dad's and he gave it to her, that he had designed it in college and had it made. I don't think she understood the significance of it, but I think he probably did. Her dad seems based tbh

2017-06-25 12:17:54 UTC  

Nice bro

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2017-06-25 13:18:04 UTC

2017-06-25 13:32:14 UTC  

Went on reconnaissance mission long before you. Guys woke up lol got 2/4 of my area covered pictures and videos with the go pro

2017-06-25 13:32:33 UTC  


2017-06-25 13:32:45 UTC  

@Kevin FL do u have a guy that lives close

2017-06-25 13:33:09 UTC  

Land o lakes probably a hour ride for him

2017-06-25 13:33:28 UTC  

Look up pinellas county I'm hitting north and south

2017-06-25 14:39:59 UTC  

Who the fuck is this

2017-06-25 14:40:17 UTC

2017-06-25 14:40:36 UTC

2017-06-25 14:41:17 UTC  

I'll redirect him to blood and soil and let the vetters deal with him if he's interested I'm not answering any questions

2017-06-25 14:42:02 UTC  

He could be against us never know

2017-06-25 14:42:29 UTC  


2017-06-25 14:42:33 UTC

2017-06-25 14:42:41 UTC  

He could be like this

2017-06-25 14:44:12 UTC  

@Ronny TX congrats on the date

2017-06-25 14:44:24 UTC  

Never can be to careful in our early stages if he looked at the site and the manifesto he shouldn't have any questions

2017-06-25 14:45:43 UTC

2017-06-25 14:45:57 UTC  

Our guys are in DC right now

2017-06-25 14:46:09 UTC  

You guys listen to classic rock?

2017-06-25 14:46:25 UTC  

The eagles song, take it easy