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2017-07-15 02:04:54 UTC  

K will use tape tomorrow but after that we'll do it right

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2017-07-15 02:05:21 UTC  

It's all the jazz in TGG. I was an English major, but I never heard that theory.

2017-07-15 02:05:43 UTC  

Who do we order those full size shipping labels from? Or can they be found easily anywhere?

2017-07-15 02:06:00 UTC  

One of my books on Literary Theory used TGG specifically as an example for all the different lenses.

2017-07-15 02:06:00 UTC  

It's fairly recent from what I understand. I think it was caused by the DiCaprio movie popularizing the book to normies.

2017-07-15 02:06:02 UTC  


2017-07-15 02:06:10 UTC  

No Jay Gatsby being black though

2017-07-15 02:06:19 UTC  

I bought mine at Walmart @Vaximillian TN

2017-07-15 02:06:26 UTC  

I know a good goy who makes stuff

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2017-07-15 02:07:19 UTC

2017-07-15 02:07:47 UTC  

Some mornings reading the news

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2017-07-15 02:25:13 UTC  

Thats cool

2017-07-15 02:30:49 UTC  

I'm with you, bud @rflagg SC

2017-07-15 03:19:58 UTC  

anticom is so fucking shit

2017-07-15 03:21:06 UTC  

Yep it's pretty funny

2017-07-15 03:21:31 UTC  

How so?

2017-07-15 03:21:43 UTC  

Dm me riefen

2017-07-15 03:21:47 UTC  

I tell you

2017-07-15 03:22:54 UTC  

Nah just say here

2017-07-15 03:23:00 UTC  

Gotta get that juicy drama

2017-07-15 03:23:01 UTC  

leadership is complete shit

2017-07-15 03:28:26 UTC  

It's also full of neets

2017-07-15 03:28:40 UTC  

I think leadership is doing a good job purging them

2017-07-15 03:28:51 UTC  

Being anti something always falls apart. Have to be pro something to have structure and stand

2017-07-15 03:28:59 UTC  

Yep it does

2017-07-15 03:29:42 UTC  

I left that server since all I did was bully people

2017-07-15 03:29:59 UTC  

Didn't want to make everyone hate VA

2017-07-15 03:30:29 UTC  


2017-07-15 03:30:37 UTC  

pretty much everyone in anticom is anti-VanAm

2017-07-15 03:30:38 UTC  


2017-07-15 03:30:58 UTC  

Get me back in there I start it up again

2017-07-15 03:31:04 UTC  

I wanted to help the leadership and try to make it more like VanAm where it is strict and useful

2017-07-15 03:31:05 UTC  

I was probably a big part of that tbh

2017-07-15 03:31:26 UTC  

Like, literally all I did was talk shit to people there

2017-07-15 03:31:32 UTC  


2017-07-15 03:31:48 UTC  

Anti com is not anti vanguard

2017-07-15 03:31:55 UTC  

Americans follow a winner. Just look at how many people go out and buy the hat for whatever team just won super bowl or world series

2017-07-15 03:31:58 UTC  

Cause I did tons of recruiting there