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And is it legitimate are my first questions I wouldn't put it past them to fake this story

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I don't see where the declared us a domestic terror org. They are just listing WN orgs that are active. That's what I took from it

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I don't think we are on the legitimate website either

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Making half stacks of 88 pieces of our propaganda. DAM if interested.

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chris christie

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I know this seems like a long way to drive just to shoot, but I wish to make a weekend out of it, and it gives a chance for our guys in LA to join us
Given that we are planning this a few weeks in advance, it seems reasonable to me that those folks in Austin or DFW should be able to arrange carpooling to lessen the burden. The plan so far would be to have everyone drive down on Friday, which we would have hotel rooms booked for at least 2 days. on Saturday we would shoot for as long as we feel, and then we could have a party or something. Then we could meet for breakfast on Sunday, after which we would drive home.

Here are the details of the range are far as I know them. It is a an outdoor range which charges $15 for a whole day of shooting per person, which is a great deal in my opinon. There will be rifles and pistols for those interested to rent by the hour. Apparently, the range has ex-military guys who could help you with marksmenship. Further, I will call the range tomorrow to see if I could snag a group discount of some sort.

For those without firearms, I am willing to let you use mine. I personally will be bringing my AR-15, my S&W M&P 9mm, and a kel-tech sub 2000. However, everyone is responsible for purchasing their own ammo. Keep this in mind, as it may be cheaper buying the ammo beforehand then buying it at the range.

@James_Coney - LA has proposed shooting a recruitment video for AntiCom, and I have talked with a member who has some skill in filming and plans to show up.

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From the Anti com range chat

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Ha, I was about to post asking if anyone was going.

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Beaumont is like 30-40 mins away, so I can make it.

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Who else is going?

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I'll probably be going

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Did some research there is no official FBI or CIA listing of vanguard

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However interestingly enough the JDL Jewish defense league made the list

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No shit

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The guy who keeps posting that must have a real boner for the vanguard a reject or a undesirable or something

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Thomas' self-portrait

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It's not *that* far off

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I figured.

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I am a somewhat well built White guy with short brownish blond hair so it works

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I also own a white polo

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Unfortunately I do not own a fasces

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You seen this? Jack the Fed making a claim that IE and VA are considered terrorist groups. No proof of course, only screenshots.

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@WACRx The site linked just gives a warning that there might be violence, etc.

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No list, as such.

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Oh look, the illusive black marine

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evening boys

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Howser doing?

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pretty good

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looking forward to the grill and a few beers tomorrow

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I hear ya, good buddy.

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one thing Seth Rich taught me was I dont have enough American flag button-ups