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2017-07-08 19:23:32 UTC  

These principles give the anti-Jewish movement a chance of success. Only such a movement will be taken seriously by the Jews, only such a movement will be feared by them.

The fact that he shouts and complains about such a movement therefore is only a sign that it is right. We are therefore delighted that we are constantly attacked in the Jewish gazettes. They may shout about terror. We answer with Mussolini’s familiar words: “Terror? Never! It is social hygiene. We take these individuals out of circulation just as a doctor does to a bacterium.

2017-07-08 19:47:56 UTC  

Beautifully put. One of my favorites from Goebbels. Better if it were known more widely, but I don't expect the Jew algorythms to help us much there. If a few brave men would switch careers and join the ranks of professional propagandists, millions more might actually be reached by such genius on a regular basis. Ten minutes a day of retweets does less good than 8 hours a day in the trenches of professional PROFIT-able mass media. Of course, the Jew has conditioned us to be morally disgusted and afraid of any task that might actually endanger their stranglehold. Including offering to improve the lives of our neighbors.

2017-07-08 19:49:22 UTC  

@FairUse WA they also shut down any reasonable method of getting income when one does become a full-time professional propagandist.

2017-07-08 19:49:52 UTC  

It's hard to make a living off of bitcoin and Amazon gift cards, let me tell ya.

2017-07-08 22:28:05 UTC  

Did we ever find out if that was actually VanAm?

2017-07-08 22:37:28 UTC  

Not to the best of my knowledge.

2017-07-08 22:37:47 UTC  

New Jersey is full of crazy fuckers. No telling.

2017-07-08 23:10:05 UTC  

Appearently Jobbik is going centrist, but some new group has a sick logo in a circle.

2017-07-08 23:42:09 UTC  

>watching Blue Bloods
>they mention a White Supremacist group named Vanguard

2017-07-08 23:43:21 UTC  

I'm flattered.

2017-07-08 23:43:28 UTC  

Watch "HOW TO JOIN ANTIFA" on YouTube

2017-07-08 23:44:40 UTC  

Also, Blue Bloods is directed (or produced or something) by a Jew. Dick Wolf

2017-07-08 23:45:05 UTC  

Nah shit he does Law and Order, my bad

2017-07-08 23:46:29 UTC  

Blue Blood's executive producer is Leonard Goldberg

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2017-07-09 00:13:03 UTC  

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2017-07-09 00:16:16 UTC  


2017-07-09 00:16:24 UTC  

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2017-07-09 00:16:46 UTC  

I love that fucking sound. I wanted to see him drag the dude.

2017-07-09 00:28:56 UTC  

Fuck yeah! Bash that monkey!

2017-07-09 00:36:37 UTC  

Watch "BLACK THUG jumps white man and gets KNOCKEDOUT" on YouTube

2017-07-09 00:37:58 UTC  

The video cuts out before you hear the white guy yell out "Put your fucking mouth on the curb!"

2017-07-09 00:49:37 UTC  

I'm just amazed that he didn't call him a nigger. That's some next level self control.

2017-07-09 00:53:55 UTC  

You know, when you totally destroy a person like that, it's not really necessary.

2017-07-09 00:55:25 UTC  

It's implied.

2017-07-09 01:00:05 UTC  

Before the fight the nigger said "ao giv fu nigguh suh mah dih" and the white guy said "idgaf nigger"

2017-07-09 01:03:49 UTC  

Watch "Clint Eastwood: '' I Just Hate Niggers ''" on YouTube

2017-07-09 01:56:11 UTC

2017-07-09 03:16:09 UTC  

“They use their media to assassinate real news,” “they” tell children that Trump is like Hitler, “they” use movies to repeat “their” narrative.

2017-07-09 03:16:34 UTC  

How could this possibly be antisemitic? 🤔

2017-07-09 03:23:15 UTC  

It's a tacit admission that Hollywood and the Jew York Times are run by Jews

2017-07-09 04:23:42 UTC  

Watch "Not a single Jew died in a gas chamber Holocaust revisionism" on YouTube

2017-07-09 06:11:09 UTC  

Hey, they said it, not us