Message from Pale Horse - FL in Southern Front #general

2017-08-12 17:23:50 UTC  

Let's come back tonight and run a *code red* style demonstration

2017-08-12 17:24:07 UTC  

Yes, I'm currently leaving and heading to my hotel

2017-08-12 17:24:15 UTC  

Alright good luck

2017-08-12 17:24:19 UTC  

Stay safe

2017-08-12 17:24:24 UTC  

richard is just following a very large police line

2017-08-12 17:24:24 UTC  

The most important thing for our goys is to stay safe.

2017-08-12 17:24:34 UTC  

the police line looks like it means buisness

2017-08-12 17:24:35 UTC  

I'm proud of everyone. Please stay safe.

2017-08-12 17:24:41 UTC  


2017-08-12 17:25:01 UTC  

This is unbelievable.

2017-08-12 17:25:16 UTC  

Well let's make sure Cody is ok.

2017-08-12 17:25:22 UTC  

Take care of our brothers.

2017-08-12 17:25:35 UTC  

<@&314230207307579402> let's go back tonight and demonstrate. We should practice civil disobedience if necessary

2017-08-12 17:26:20 UTC  

Not planning anything like that at the moment. We're still working on getting everyone accounted for.

2017-08-12 17:27:34 UTC  

This is a violation of the 1st Amendment.

2017-08-12 17:27:41 UTC  

They had a fucking permit.

2017-08-12 17:28:01 UTC  

Civil disobedience won't be a good look for the movement as a whole. You need to fight this in court. Just like the ANP in skokie

2017-08-12 17:28:09 UTC  

Terry McAwful and that mayor just shit on the Constitution.

2017-08-12 17:28:42 UTC  

If you fight it peacefully through the law you garner more support.

2017-08-12 17:28:52 UTC  

Don't expect anything other than this. We will always get snubbed.

2017-08-12 17:29:52 UTC  

The government doesn't follow the law.

2017-08-12 17:29:59 UTC  

The law is meaningless.

2017-08-12 17:30:06 UTC  

Only for us peons.

2017-08-12 17:31:18 UTC  

That's why you must make them fear you in the courts. Once they realize you aren't going to lay down and you fight them, and win, then you force the governments hand. This is exactly like the "civil rights" movement but we can use their tactics from the past. It worked and garnered support for them.

2017-08-12 17:33:47 UTC  

As long as we play it smart and don't get ahead of ourselves to let emotion dictate our action. Once we use emotion, even 1 of US, the commie scum win. Because then their stories on the L├╝genpresse become believable to the up public. Your goal is to win the hearts of the people above all else.

2017-08-12 17:36:57 UTC  

I think they arrested spencer and he live streamed it

2017-08-12 17:37:31 UTC  

What for?

2017-08-12 17:37:46 UTC  

"unlawfully assembling"

2017-08-12 17:38:04 UTC  

he was infront of a police line and they said "disperse or we will arrest you"

2017-08-12 17:39:05 UTC  

They just maced him but he got out. He's already back at his Airbnb.

2017-08-12 17:39:27 UTC  

So double standard going on. Altright had to disperse, but now antifa is marching with no problem.

2017-08-12 17:40:03 UTC  


2017-08-12 17:40:17 UTC  

BLM is there.

2017-08-12 17:40:52 UTC  

We can see from the news

2017-08-12 17:41:48 UTC  

But everything is Ant-white nationalist "they don't deserve to speak" in the media currently.

2017-08-12 17:42:17 UTC  


2017-08-12 17:42:22 UTC  

They'll get theirs eventually

2017-08-12 17:42:30 UTC  

Holy sheet... three cars just ran over a lot of people

2017-08-12 17:42:34 UTC  

I'm telling you take it to court be sure you get video/picture evidence. Show the people the hypocracy

2017-08-12 17:42:48 UTC  

@stormbjornn where are you watching