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2017-05-25 22:30:13 UTC  

how so

2017-05-25 22:30:28 UTC  

What's the best resource for posters? Need to put some up around here

2017-05-25 22:30:42 UTC  
2017-05-25 22:30:47 UTC  

Using a friend's dead social media account as a proxy, I located them, found their times, and reported them to authorities

2017-05-25 22:30:47 UTC  

The website

2017-05-25 22:30:50 UTC  

thot patrolling

2017-05-25 22:31:15 UTC  


2017-05-25 22:31:48 UTC  

Thanks guys!

Not sure how pro security this channel is but if it's not prohibited, Pizarro which third of TN are you from?

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2017-05-25 22:35:17 UTC  

Cool. I'm Middle. Gotta get a chapter built up here.

How do people contact us if they come in from posters? Just visit site, go to discord, mention they saw posters nearby, posterer contacts them I assume?

2017-05-25 22:35:26 UTC  

I was recruited online so not familiar

2017-05-25 22:36:02 UTC  

Well they'd see the link, I assume, and apply

2017-05-25 22:36:18 UTC  

Are you going to the AmRen conference?

2017-05-25 22:36:30 UTC  

I probably won't now

2017-05-25 22:36:35 UTC  


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2017-05-25 22:36:54 UTC  

It depends

2017-05-25 22:37:05 UTC  

How much is in my checking account

2017-05-25 22:37:41 UTC  

Family issues

2017-05-25 22:37:55 UTC  

Like cancer

2017-05-25 22:38:42 UTC  

sorry to hear that

2017-05-25 22:39:04 UTC  

It's oksy

2017-05-25 22:39:13 UTC  

This is the first I've heard of it. Worth going in your opinion? I was in Charlottesville, heard Sam Dickson speak there. He was certainly my favorite of those who spoke.

It's $235 for tickets to everything, right?

Damn Fox that sucks man, hope it gets better.

2017-05-25 22:39:14 UTC  

I just found out last Sunday

2017-05-25 22:39:32 UTC  

Or if not better at least is happy / painless as can be

2017-05-25 22:39:47 UTC  

My uncle has it

2017-05-25 22:40:13 UTC  

Plus my granny is 88 she might pass somehow

2017-05-25 22:40:28 UTC  

She doesn't have cancer

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2017-05-25 22:44:34 UTC  

We should plan a district meet in 2018

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2017-05-26 01:14:03 UTC  

Glad to see the general chat go. This is better.

2017-05-26 01:18:19 UTC  

i liked general chat :/

2017-05-26 01:18:48 UTC  

What is even happening here?!

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2017-05-26 01:24:09 UTC  

I liked general. This is bullshit. I want to speak w a manager

2017-05-26 01:24:39 UTC  

its so we are in order

2017-05-26 01:25:04 UTC  

It's nice to have a general chat but we need to talk to people in our state and districts

2017-05-26 01:25:10 UTC  

What did general get out of hand?