Message from Riefen in Southern Front #general

2017-06-15 04:29:20 UTC  

So idk if they'll remain up. I left the square towards the end because of her

2017-06-15 04:30:11 UTC  

look good man

2017-06-15 04:31:16 UTC  

Stop using fucking tape

2017-06-15 04:31:24 UTC  

What else do I use?

2017-06-15 04:31:25 UTC  

Print that shit on shipping labels

2017-06-15 04:32:05 UTC  

Where do I buy blank shipping labels and how do I get them large enough to be legible?

2017-06-15 04:33:14 UTC  

That's awesome. Good locations. We're you casually dressed while doing that?

2017-06-15 04:33:15 UTC  

you can print big sticker posters

2017-06-15 04:33:21 UTC  


2017-06-15 04:33:44 UTC  

but sticker paper does cost an arm and a leg

2017-06-15 04:34:10 UTC  

they stole that shit in the EPU discord

2017-06-15 04:34:19 UTC  

vanguard brittannia

2017-06-15 04:35:44 UTC  

i notice someone anti com is using thomas profile pic

2017-06-15 04:37:25 UTC  

Tape is fine on short notice, great job @Riefen
Looks great

2017-06-15 04:39:22 UTC  

sure does

2017-06-15 04:40:06 UTC  

Black low top vans
Camel colored chinos
Black under shirt
White button down long sleeve, rolled up @redskegg

2017-06-15 04:40:13 UTC  

Casual but not antifa tier casual

2017-06-15 04:41:10 UTC  

is there preferred attire for postering ? also events , such as gatherings , or protests.

2017-06-15 04:41:43 UTC  

dont wear vanguard stuff while postering

2017-06-15 04:41:50 UTC  


2017-06-15 04:42:00 UTC  

Usually events have uniform announced prior, but historically seems to be light colored khakis, boots or brown/black shoes, white polo

2017-06-15 04:42:09 UTC  

Almost wore VA hat but good I didn't then I guess

2017-06-15 04:45:16 UTC  

i put mine on when i get home from work, and it stays on til i go to bed

2017-06-15 04:50:15 UTC  

of course no one around here knows what it means

2017-06-15 04:51:58 UTC  

Or no one thinks your funny

2017-06-15 04:52:56 UTC  

Let them know what it means, spread the word.

2017-06-15 04:53:00 UTC  

i make all the ladies laugh

2017-06-15 04:53:07 UTC  

especially my gf

2017-06-15 04:53:16 UTC  

y'all prolly wouldn't know her

2017-06-15 04:53:25 UTC  

she lives in kkkanada

2017-06-15 04:53:42 UTC  

What did humans do before the computer

2017-06-15 04:53:46 UTC  

oh I feel bad for her. With Sultan Trudeau

2017-06-15 04:53:49 UTC  

read books

2017-06-15 04:53:49 UTC  

Try it

2017-06-15 04:53:58 UTC  

Try living before the computer

2017-06-15 04:53:59 UTC  

improved their lives

2017-06-15 04:54:06 UTC  

I must do it

2017-06-15 04:54:13 UTC  

made greatness out of despair

2017-06-15 04:54:17 UTC  

I must eliminate the computer from my life

2017-06-15 04:54:22 UTC  

I met my fiancée in real life. We don't text but 2 or 3 times a day.

2017-06-15 04:54:24 UTC  

I stair into a screen a lot