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lol that's my favorite picture ever.

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This is mine but everyone has their preferences.

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No comment

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I like this one

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Should be a star of david, but the star of david is a meteor heading straight for the dinosaurs.

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Goddamn i'm funny.

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Yes it does

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I like the new seal

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Watch "Hit Them Where it Hurts #CNNBlackmail #FakeNews" on YouTube

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Turning into a police state down here

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Yeah the cops are really bold down here

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I avoid the shit out of them usually it takes 6 squad cars to pull over one person it's getting crazy

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Yeah they use the time old excuse of "well we had nothing better to do so we all hoped over onto you" but we live in Florida you know good and damn well there are other things you can be doing

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They sometimes even drive this monster tank ATC around just as a show of force yea like patrolling the niggers they still have quotas for arrests and tickets even though they say they don't the jail itself has to maintain at least 4 detainees to keep government grants there's a lot of shady stuff when you start looking into it

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Exactly when I was younger I remember my father asked a bunch of cops showing off their atc why they needed it and they said "for your protection" bullshit it's not for our protection you just want a cool looking vehicle that's threatening as hell

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4000 detainees

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"For your protection" are we fighting a god damn insurgent army

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You know police aren't legally required to "protect and serve "

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Martial law lol

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Hey guys, I have a question and I hope to not get ousted for "wrongthink", is there or is there not a difference between a negro and a nigger? For example, a hoodlum from Compton is a nigger, Malcolm X was a negro.

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Negro/Black person

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The word Negro was adopted from Spanish and Portuguese and first recorded from the mid 16th century. It remained the standard term throughout the 17th–19th centuries and was used by prominent black American campaigners such as W. E. B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington in the early 20th century. Since the Black Power movement of the 1960s, however, when the term black was favoured as the term to express racial pride, Negro (together with related words such as Negress) has dropped out of favour and now seems out of date or even offensive in both British and US English

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@everyone who is watching the g20 protests? There are a couple thousand antifa in black bloc for a "welcome to hell" march and the cops just came in and fucked them all up bad before they could even start their March

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Good for the cops. They should have opened fire though.

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Any video or anything of this?

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You can watch the live stream from rt, make sure to go back though because the protesters are all almost all dispersed now

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There was a periscope stream but once the police broke through everybody started running and the guy turned it off

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Where's this happening