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2017-07-06 17:12:47 UTC  

Negro/Black person

2017-07-06 17:43:27 UTC  

The word Negro was adopted from Spanish and Portuguese and first recorded from the mid 16th century. It remained the standard term throughout the 17th–19th centuries and was used by prominent black American campaigners such as W. E. B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington in the early 20th century. Since the Black Power movement of the 1960s, however, when the term black was favoured as the term to express racial pride, Negro (together with related words such as Negress) has dropped out of favour and now seems out of date or even offensive in both British and US English

2017-07-06 18:04:57 UTC  

@everyone who is watching the g20 protests? There are a couple thousand antifa in black bloc for a "welcome to hell" march and the cops just came in and fucked them all up bad before they could even start their March

2017-07-06 18:05:38 UTC  

Good for the cops. They should have opened fire though.

2017-07-06 18:06:19 UTC  

Any video or anything of this?

2017-07-06 18:07:17 UTC  

You can watch the live stream from rt, make sure to go back though because the protesters are all almost all dispersed now

2017-07-06 18:07:46 UTC  

There was a periscope stream but once the police broke through everybody started running and the guy turned it off

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Where's this happening

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Hamburg, and the police confiscated hundreds of legit weapons the other day so they are super pissed and aren't taking any shit. Like the courts in Germany ruled that they couldn't do anything about the camps protesters were setting up but the cops just demolished them all anyway

2017-07-06 18:12:42 UTC  

Damn dude they steamrolled them

2017-07-06 18:13:00 UTC  

I saw the goon squad is out big time

2017-07-06 18:13:57 UTC  

They should be going against Islam they are one ones who keep blowing their shit up

2017-07-06 18:13:57 UTC  

I replayed it a couple of times, the best part was when a few of the commies were acting cocky and the other phalanx of police came up behind them and kicked their ass.

2017-07-06 18:15:31 UTC  

Isn't diversity wonderful let more in so they can get rid of the rest of the train stations

2017-07-06 18:15:55 UTC  

The best part about all of this is how they have been hyping it up for so long and people from all over Europe came just to get fucked before they could even start their March

2017-07-06 18:16:41 UTC  

Roflmao it would have been even better if the muzzys came and kicked their asses too

2017-07-06 18:17:34 UTC  

I don't think these people get that antifa or not they are still enemies to muzzys

2017-07-06 18:19:48 UTC  

Just like Jews and nigs they don't want to integrate into society they either want to kill,cleanse, or take over

2017-07-06 18:22:17 UTC  

Over here I'll try and find the story we had a muzzrat immigrant or refugee with their shitskin 14 year old kids they put up in free housing and food ect they raped a 6 yr old girl because they where taught women don't have any rights to say no

2017-07-06 18:23:05 UTC  

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ there are so many being carried away in stretchers

2017-07-06 18:23:57 UTC  

@Kevin FL this protest has nothing to do with muzzies, it is strictly anti-capitalist which the muzzies will agree with because of course that means more gibs

2017-07-06 18:24:27 UTC  

So they are anarchists ?

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anarchists, commies, etc

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The old Europe had a good way of dealing with their type

2017-07-06 18:32:00 UTC  

Antifa are anarcho-communists

2017-07-06 18:32:43 UTC  

Pussys we've seen how well communism has worked in the past

2017-07-06 18:32:59 UTC  

Anyway I'm still pissed about muslims today

2017-07-06 18:39:59 UTC  

Deus Vult!

2017-07-06 19:34:42 UTC  

They are trying to erase everything

2017-07-06 19:35:24 UTC  

Nigs should be thankful we saved them from being chased by lions and living in shithuts

2017-07-06 19:36:39 UTC  

Besides it was their own people that sold them and are still selling them to this day if you actually look into that war freeing the slaves was actually just outcome of it

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Flag from battle of antietam 1862 still has all the blood on it