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2017-12-10 18:33:38 UTC  

love it

2017-12-10 18:51:39 UTC  

The Roman is hardcore.

2017-12-10 19:29:05 UTC  


2017-12-10 19:30:06 UTC  

We do this at work

2017-12-10 19:55:39 UTC  

Why is Patrick beating up that defenseless older gentleman?

2017-12-10 19:58:30 UTC  

Presuming you mean Chris and not me, it’s actually a good example of training. By early fall, Chris had turned into a capable fighter.

2017-12-10 20:06:34 UTC  

Meant you

2017-12-10 20:08:31 UTC  

Ah. I was thrown off because you didn’t say “handsome.” The answer to your question is “cuz tendies.”

2017-12-10 20:09:12 UTC  

Putting in work for tendies? Respectable

2017-12-10 20:09:18 UTC  

Great spars, I'm jealous

2017-12-10 20:09:48 UTC  

Hopefully we can get some set up down your way

2017-12-10 20:10:15 UTC  

I think that's definitely possible

2017-12-11 04:10:59 UTC  

What's this channel?

2017-12-11 04:12:11 UTC  

@bspon001#9873 gainzposting

2017-12-11 04:13:51 UTC  

@ophiuchus so like our practice sparring vids?

2017-12-11 04:14:51 UTC  

Should I be the first to post douchebag gains photos?

2017-12-11 04:15:34 UTC  

I have a couple of short vids of CA practice and of course you should

2017-12-11 04:19:30 UTC  

I do Hema so I bring my spare Hema gear so others can wear the motorcycle helmet and such. I made the shields from barrels like league of the south had.

2017-12-11 04:19:36 UTC  

That's pretty cool

2017-12-11 04:22:36 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff thanks we had another one this weekend with a few more guys there. I can teach how to fight with a flagpole or club etc etc.

2017-12-11 06:00:13 UTC  

First for gains posting

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2017-12-11 07:31:49 UTC  

How much do you weigh these days?

2017-12-11 07:34:52 UTC  

About 195

2017-12-12 11:39:47 UTC  

@Deleted User Nice man

2017-12-12 16:30:10 UTC  

@Deleted User thanks I wish we would have taken some videos of the last practice

2017-12-12 17:49:35 UTC  

People tease about this stuff but I've seen those hema fights. Those boys are beating the shit out of each other

2017-12-12 17:49:53 UTC  

It's old school hand to hand combat

2017-12-12 17:50:02 UTC  

I also like the dragon's eye on the helmet

2017-12-22 00:11:31 UTC  

Well boys, test for my blue belt on Jan 4.

2017-12-22 00:13:32 UTC  

2017-12-22 00:13:39 UTC  

Good luck bruder!

2017-12-22 00:14:15 UTC  

Thanks, my friend. I’m gonna try @Reinhard Wolff ‘s donkey guard for extra credit

2017-12-22 00:17:38 UTC  

In fact, it may be the only thing I do. Then cross my arms and say “Wut.”

2017-12-22 00:30:31 UTC  

They’ll bump you to purple belt if you pull that off.

2017-12-22 01:27:08 UTC  


2017-12-31 19:38:12 UTC  

Got Leah to share a BJJ technique she learned yesterday while I was plowing snow.

2017-12-31 19:38:36 UTC  

Forgive the terrible camera work please.

2017-12-31 20:16:29 UTC  


2018-01-02 23:42:55 UTC  

Little vid for @Jeb! Nationalism - MD

2018-01-02 23:54:37 UTC  

@Deleted User Awesome video, thanks for the help