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2018-05-10 12:48:21 UTC  

@StrawberryArmada what about anti-vaxxing?

2018-05-19 01:13:46 UTC  

@Suomi Stronk I was under the impression that creatine was the only supplement that does anything and all other others were scams, however, I've recently been told that niacin does something. Can you "redpill me on that, goy"?

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@Jacob Can you get in voice?

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Sleep is the only drug worth taking

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>tfw Jacob is slowly becoming retarded

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where my fellow ketogenic bros at?

2018-05-20 20:19:02 UTC  

Did it for a week and lost a pound a day, but was exhausted

2018-05-20 20:36:25 UTC  

once you get past the adjustment period you feel great

2018-05-20 20:36:46 UTC  

you gotta make sure you drink enough water and get your electrolytes early on

2018-05-20 20:36:55 UTC  

i drink tons of powerade zero when i'm first starting out

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>limiting the things you eat

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2018-05-24 03:23:07 UTC  

Going on keto again to drop some body fat. I’m doing more cardio these days (mma) so hopefully I don’t die.

2018-05-24 03:37:28 UTC  

Can't have that now, dying is bad.

2018-05-24 07:17:03 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff I don't think keto will hurt your cardio

2018-05-25 00:52:02 UTC  

Well, you can't perform as well without glycogen. But we'll see.

2018-05-25 00:52:10 UTC  

Doing cardio without carbs has been awful in the past.

2018-05-27 21:18:56 UTC  

I did some mma on Friday after having maybe 25g of carbs all day. I was pretty tired, but I think that was mostly due to not having done cardio for a week while on vacation.

2018-05-27 23:31:27 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff I read a study recently showing that even when carbs are ingested before a workout, only about a third of them are actually used. I always felt more energetic on keto once I got used to it

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2018-05-30 02:53:25 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff the toughest part about keto is the initial adjustment period, once you're passed that cardio becomes about the same as when you're eating carbs

2018-05-30 13:33:55 UTC  

Been doing Keto since the end of Lent. Have lost about 40lbs. Feel better in every way.

2018-05-30 14:26:06 UTC  

That is great @L1011TriStar

2018-05-30 14:38:58 UTC  

Wow, good for you Vasily. That's tremendous. Feelin a lot better?

2018-05-30 14:45:38 UTC  

Yeah, leaner, more energy, sleeping better, don’t have cravings for food, feel more alert. Moving into a carnivore diet though. A lot of the Keto hack type recipes don’t appeal to me as much as they did in the beginning. Now I eat about once a day and eat cow, fish, or lamb parts and I feel great. Don’t really eat any dairy, nuts, or veggies anymore like I did in the beginning. Used to have a lot of Keto pancakes with peanut butter but now I am not satisfied by that food.

2018-05-30 14:48:46 UTC  

I am going to France next week so I will have to find a way to stick with meat and cheese I suppose. My carb cravings have long since passed, but I don’t want to get tempted by baguettes croissants and whatever else they eat in Muslim countries and stuff.

2018-05-30 14:53:44 UTC  

Happy for you! You set a good example

2018-05-30 14:54:19 UTC  

And lol @ the last bit there, yeah watch out for those Muslim country's good food

2018-05-30 18:46:58 UTC  

My lifestyle change has made me want to start a cattle ranch and be a rancher. Might want to WWOOF again this summer but for a local cattle rancher and see if it right for me.

2018-05-30 20:41:45 UTC  

@L1011TriStar I know a few ranchers. What kind of experience do you have?

2018-05-30 21:23:12 UTC  

None with ranching; I woofed for a season on an organic farm but it was produce, chickens, and bees. I also woofed at a permaculture in Idaho. But these were full time bits, I just want to go to a local cattle ranch and help out and see if it is for me.

2018-05-30 21:24:17 UTC  

I have the financial resources to buy land and start if I really want to. But I am not going to leave my normie job to find out.

2018-05-30 21:24:56 UTC  

I would just go on my days off from work to a local ranch. There are a few.