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2018-08-27 01:30:08 UTC  

@Jacob go for bone broth.

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2018-08-28 19:02:04 UTC  

So, collagen peptides amiright?

2018-08-28 20:54:00 UTC  

Anyone have any ideas on how I can gain more weight? I’ve been drinking weight gainers and slamming down Denny’s Pancakes with eggs sausage and hash browns for 2 weeks with little growth in my weight. Just curious if there’s anything else I can do. For perspective I’m 5’7 123.8 lbs and did wrestling for practically all my life.

2018-08-28 21:01:43 UTC  

get vertical

2018-08-28 21:01:46 UTC  

train smarter

2018-08-28 21:03:16 UTC  

If you don't have good training then it's going to be alot less optimal

2018-08-28 21:03:36 UTC  

Also consistency is key, don't hop around programs too much

2018-08-28 21:04:10 UTC  

I tend to follow my days very closely and I workout out 6 times a week.

2018-08-28 21:04:31 UTC  

And "get vertical" is in reference to stan efferding's vertical diet

2018-08-28 21:04:51 UTC  

I was just about to ask what that meant 😂

2018-08-28 21:05:01 UTC  

you don't have to follow it to the tee, but the principles of it are golden

2018-08-28 21:08:50 UTC  

I see

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HERESY <:onionsun:394101074526601226> <:onion:390756048656662528>

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You aren't eating enough bruv

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Hardgainers are a myth

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Denny's pancakes w/ a loaded breakfast platter is a mere snack for me.

2018-08-28 23:35:42 UTC  

Count your calories

2018-08-28 23:35:51 UTC  

Just for a week

2018-08-28 23:36:06 UTC  

And tell us what your average caloric intake is

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Will do

2018-09-02 23:22:16 UTC  

Its funny you say that man. I decided I want to put on some size before I get married so last week I started having whole milk in the mornings with eggs, drinking chocolate milk post workout and throughout the day as well as eating bigger meals. By Saturday I felt worn out so I gave myself some recovery time yesterday and today

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Cooked some liver mkay

2018-09-06 16:30:52 UTC  

@Rogue I've been eating so much liver lately. It's so good.

2018-09-06 19:03:27 UTC  

Does beef liver taste different than chicken livers?

2018-09-06 19:03:36 UTC  

Because chicken livers are disgusting

2018-09-06 19:20:26 UTC  

No, Chicken liver tastes fowl

2018-09-06 20:21:33 UTC  

Ouch god ow oof

2018-09-06 21:00:47 UTC  

Chicken livers are good of cooked right

2018-09-06 21:01:07 UTC  

I used to eat them at my Taiwanese friends house growing up

2018-09-07 00:32:36 UTC  

Based Taiwanese friend

2018-09-07 00:37:02 UTC  

Don’t eat organ meat. You aren’t a ghoul

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2018-09-07 02:06:58 UTC  

I was in the same boat.

I graduated bootcamp at 6'1" 145 lbs.

Guys like us simply have faster metabolisms. You'll need to eat more than the avg guy to have the surplus calories for your body to grow.

I'm around 190 lbs now, partially because i'm in my 30's with a slower metabolism, and partially because I make a concerted effort to eat enough to be the size I want to be.

2018-09-07 02:17:36 UTC  

@Tyler0317 I’ve upped up the game by having pancakes with peanut butter and peanuts every other morning. I’ve also been pounding weight gainer.

2018-09-07 02:27:24 UTC  

Be warned on the weightgainer powders, to get the extra calories, they typically just add tons of sugar to the protein powder.

Check the nutrients on the side.

2018-09-07 02:28:40 UTC  

I personally use unflavored Whey protein isolate purchased in bulk.
It comes in cheap plastic bags, and has no additives.