Message from Will - MD in Fitness #martial-arts

2018-11-22 17:26:08 UTC  

It's awesome Will, and I finally understand why you do that funny dance in Muay Thai haha

2018-11-22 17:26:25 UTC  

Sore ! Being up on your toes like that kills your calfs. Loving it so far. Happy Thanksgiving everyone

2018-11-23 13:41:50 UTC  

haha yeah the old muay thai march

2018-11-27 01:50:06 UTC  

First night sparring tonight after tough cardio. Got my ass handed to by one of the instructors. Can definitely say I learned more in those 10 minutes than in 2 lessons lol

2018-11-29 07:57:06 UTC  

Nice! There’s nothing like sparring/training in general.

2018-11-30 01:09:06 UTC  

Absolutely. It can be daunting but I would recommend anyone who isnt training currently to at least give it a go.

2018-12-03 09:05:43 UTC  

Royce Gracie basically beats this Asian blob of fat by using his legs to triangle the dudes arm.

2018-12-03 10:01:37 UTC  

The early UFCs were wild. "Street Fighter" / "Enter the Dragon" type all comers tournaments of different styles. For better or worse (truth is always bittersweet), the BJJ/Muay Thai (and similar wrestling+boxing type training sets) empirically proved themselves mostly superior.

2018-12-03 10:10:47 UTC  

Pride was nuts

2018-12-03 11:26:04 UTC  

Best strat? Kick 'em in the head.

2018-12-03 20:57:12 UTC  

Pride soccer kicks were nasty

2018-12-03 20:57:44 UTC  

or if you we're bas rutten or Andy hug, kick em in the leg for a KO lol

2018-12-07 06:46:07 UTC  

Best part about losing the mouse for my laptop is that instead of vidya I just watch old mma vids

2018-12-22 03:31:13 UTC  

Did anyone see the wrestling referee who made the black kid cut his dreadlocks? Could that have given him an advantage?

2018-12-22 03:51:43 UTC  

They are unsanitary. Some refs are specific about a lot of stuff. More commonly no beards or long nails

2018-12-24 00:03:24 UTC  

He didn't make him cut his dreadlocks. He said your hair is out of regs and you cant wrestle so the kid had someone cut his dreadlocks

2018-12-24 00:33:00 UTC  

Makes sense, I cant imagine he would force him to cut them

2019-01-05 15:08:58 UTC  

Would you guys reccomend boxing as a legitimate thing to get into versus more modern mma? Always wanted to learn legit boxing.

2019-01-05 19:27:13 UTC  
2019-01-05 19:27:18 UTC  

Boxing's great.

2019-01-05 19:27:40 UTC  

Jocko Willink has it as the third best martial art in the world, behing BJJ and Wrestling.

2019-01-05 19:28:58 UTC  

Just be sure to learn how to defend takedowns.

2019-01-05 22:54:11 UTC  

+1 for BJJ

2019-01-06 01:53:20 UTC  

Beautiful kimura

2019-01-06 01:53:45 UTC  

(and, of course, why is it always black guys)

2019-02-05 02:20:37 UTC  

Looking to get into BJJ. Was a first degree black belt in karate at 11 and quit before my 2nd degree test because of football in high school 🙄that was half my life ago. There’s a Renzo Gracie school right by me in NJ. Anyone up in this area that does BJJ?

2019-02-05 05:33:17 UTC  

@Fred X - NJ I believe Brunswick does BJJ

2019-02-05 05:33:30 UTC  

And Gracies BJJ is a great way to start

2019-02-05 07:01:33 UTC  

A number of us do

2019-02-05 07:02:00 UTC  

Everyone should have some basic striking and grappling experience at the very least

2019-02-05 07:02:18 UTC  

For self-defense, of course.

2019-02-05 13:36:40 UTC  

@Sam Anderson @Reinhard Wolff thank you both. Keep you posted on the journey.

2019-02-15 00:14:45 UTC  

I’m looking to attend this to spectate unless I feel confident enough participating as a beginner white belt. Would anyone else be interested in spectating as well?

2019-02-15 00:15:22 UTC  

We can make a BJJ nyc meetup out of it. Maybe go to the event and then do something else as a group with the day.

2019-02-15 04:00:53 UTC  

I can advertise it on the main server if you'd like. I probably won't compete for a while though.

2019-02-15 14:53:58 UTC  

We can do that in about a month or so, maybe end of March or beginning of April since it’s some time away. However long people would need to plan for it

2019-02-15 16:43:35 UTC  

Lol every suspect in this vid is black