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2017-12-08 03:02:30 UTC  

Second :(

2017-12-08 03:05:32 UTC  

If you're not 14th your last

2017-12-08 03:19:54 UTC  

5 is the new 14

2017-12-08 03:23:52 UTC  

14 movemens for an 8x8.

2017-12-08 20:52:59 UTC  

Right Wing Death Squat

2017-12-09 20:01:15 UTC  

Which day is best day?

2017-12-09 20:02:02 UTC  

Tyr's Day

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Hey guys - anyone know any great exercises (besides incline bench) for the perfect ASSCHEST?

2017-12-09 20:56:42 UTC  

I know an article you might enjoy. Standby...

2017-12-09 20:57:48 UTC  

@ᛉ ᛋcylfing ᛉ Bam. there you go. Now go get your pecs all sexy like

2017-12-09 20:59:23 UTC  

Thanks man!

2017-12-10 16:59:59 UTC  

@Zyklonius B Gassem-LA ^^^^ lel got em.

2017-12-10 17:01:20 UTC  

@Deleted User fuck that stings

2017-12-10 17:02:56 UTC  

I had a hearty laugh about that one.

2017-12-11 02:19:19 UTC  

Alright so this is the second time in a row that I’ve gone to the gym and it feels as if either a vein or a ligament is pinching in my left elbow

2017-12-11 02:20:32 UTC  

Does anyone know what this might be and how do I fix it

2017-12-11 03:56:07 UTC  

Is it during a specific exercise?

2017-12-11 04:46:52 UTC  

Anything that curls my bicep, and only at full curl

2017-12-11 05:09:51 UTC  

Might be good to just not do that for a week and see how it feels at that point

2017-12-11 05:13:40 UTC  

Yeah I'm just going to relax for awhile, keep it straight. It feels more like a nerve than a muscle

2017-12-11 10:26:18 UTC  

@Cacoethes That used to happen to me when I’d use an easy curl bar. I had to switch to straight bar and dumbbells only.

2017-12-12 03:51:23 UTC  

@Deleted User try massaging it. Also try different variations of curls, and try to switch the placement of your elbow (maybe bring it closer to your body or farther out in front of you to isolate the bicep)

2017-12-12 05:27:46 UTC  

Massaging the elbow tip gives me little jolts down my forearm into my knuckles. 100% a nerve. And yeah next gym sesh I’ll try that. Until then I’ll keep it straight. That makes it feel better