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2018-03-29 00:22:14 UTC  

Try peanut butter, oatmeal, whole milk, and chocolate whey protein shakes. Throw in a banana for a little extra flavor. I do about 24 oz of that after every work out and I've slowly but surely been gaining weight. I started at 132 and now I'm consistently above 140.

2018-03-29 05:10:25 UTC  

Squatted 325 for 3x5 and benched 245 for almost 3x5. Hoping to get up to 400 lb squat before the semester ends.

2018-03-29 05:14:13 UTC  

Is that a race to 400 I hear, @BryceB-ND? 😋

2018-03-29 05:31:27 UTC  

you guys are getting to me... I need to get bigger! you just wait! I'll outlift you all! just wait

2018-03-29 05:31:29 UTC  

Hah, if you want

2018-03-29 05:31:50 UTC  

You looked like a solid dude in one of the pics i saw of you tide

2018-03-29 05:32:07 UTC  

am a lanklet though

2018-03-29 05:32:10 UTC  

pic mightv been in the mcgoyver server

2018-03-29 05:32:11 UTC  

how tall ?

2018-03-29 05:32:21 UTC  

squat leverages rnt the best, 6,2

2018-03-29 05:32:40 UTC  

ah yeah. Damn. Suomi and I are 5'9 manlet squat master race.

2018-03-29 05:32:53 UTC  

you damn manlets...

2018-03-29 05:32:56 UTC  

just wait!

2018-03-29 05:33:00 UTC  


2018-03-29 05:34:12 UTC  

After I cut, Ima just do stronglifts 5x5 for awhile

2018-03-29 05:34:54 UTC  

I have a tendency to overtrain all the time, so ima do something simple like that, and just eat

2018-03-29 17:13:24 UTC  
2018-03-29 17:13:56 UTC  

Honestly though I think I could 1RM 405

2018-03-29 17:14:03 UTC  

My knee would just kill me

2018-03-29 17:20:31 UTC  

What's the criteria for it? I'm hoping to 3x5 405 by end of the semester.

2018-03-29 17:20:41 UTC  

I think I could probably 1 rep it already too or pretty soon here.

2018-03-29 17:21:17 UTC  

Either way, You're all on. First unofficial IE mine's better than yours lifting competition is a go.

2018-03-29 17:25:31 UTC  

Might as well go for the triple. Bench, squat, and deadlift. See who can get the highest weight 😎

2018-03-29 17:25:56 UTC  

Actually, that'd be a cool little competition for everyone in the fitness server

2018-03-29 17:26:06 UTC  

Get some weight brackets in

2018-03-29 17:26:33 UTC  

I'd say we'd probably have to have it filmed in some manner as well

2018-03-29 17:26:44 UTC  

Maybe wonder gets a free tank top

2018-03-29 20:20:51 UTC  

@Suomi Stronk What was the results of your pull up competition with @BryceB-ND last year? It was pretty close as I recall

2018-03-29 20:21:08 UTC  

I thik he had me by one @Deleted User

2018-03-29 20:21:17 UTC  

Gimme a second I'll find the video

2018-03-29 20:22:40 UTC  

Haha is that me grunting for Bryce at the end?

2018-03-29 20:22:46 UTC  


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2018-03-29 20:27:07 UTC  

But I've been working on my pull ups so I'll be ready to redeem myself

2018-03-30 00:42:55 UTC  

How much do you guys weigh

2018-03-30 00:45:44 UTC  

~170 lbs

2018-03-30 00:45:48 UTC  

I do at least

2018-03-30 00:54:19 UTC  

Nice man great lifts for that weight. Im 170-175 too

2018-03-30 00:54:53 UTC  

Im doing 5x5 pretty much. How much would you recommend to move up in weight each week

2018-03-30 00:55:01 UTC  

Like 10 lbs?