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2017-12-08 04:09:17 UTC  

I only have a couple years under my belt but it is very addictive.

2017-12-08 04:09:17 UTC  

bought it, read through it, then went to this gym

2017-12-08 04:09:35 UTC  

Smart move. That's a good program.

2017-12-08 04:09:40 UTC  

yeah I am very fortunate that I am a novice, I love being able to linearly progress

2017-12-08 04:09:48 UTC  

adding 5kg to my squat each time

2017-12-08 04:09:53 UTC  

I'm going to start 531 when I finish what I am working with now.

2017-12-08 04:10:00 UTC  

5lbs to my bench press

2017-12-08 04:10:20 UTC  

Yeah I'm not actually doing the true starting strength. The guy who runs the gym has his own variation of it

2017-12-08 04:10:33 UTC  

so I'm alternating 3x8 and 4x6

2017-12-08 04:10:53 UTC  

it's just a six week program for beginners

2017-12-08 04:10:59 UTC  

almost at the end of it

2017-12-08 04:11:01 UTC  

3x5 really isn't enough volume for a newbie

2017-12-08 04:11:15 UTC  

Sounds like your guy knows what's up.

2017-12-08 04:12:05 UTC  

Yeah it's a great place

2017-12-08 04:14:06 UTC  

That's awesome. Keep up the good work. I have nothing but benefited from lifting.

2017-12-08 04:16:44 UTC  

@Fox Thanks! If you're ever in NY and want to go send me a DM. Open invite for all IE guys 🙂

2017-12-08 04:17:33 UTC  

@ThisIsChris nice! We can have a deadlift party. And the same goes for you if you find yourself in North Louisiana.

2017-12-08 04:47:03 UTC  

Thanks man

2017-12-08 05:51:02 UTC  

Anyone do nootropics?

2017-12-08 05:57:35 UTC  

@Auf WI ye, a little

2017-12-08 13:01:12 UTC  

oy vey

2017-12-08 16:31:01 UTC  

if you arent eating 12 hotdogs with sourkraut a day, youre a cuck

2017-12-08 16:31:21 UTC  


2017-12-08 16:31:46 UTC  

Not a big fan of squats. More of a deadlift sort of guy

2017-12-08 16:32:20 UTC  

@JohnStrasser 100% KOSHER beef franks you mean

2017-12-08 16:32:34 UTC  

@Auf WI had a pretty dank stack a while back. too expensive.

2017-12-08 16:32:50 UTC  

@Ekdromoi of course goy

2017-12-08 16:33:11 UTC  

@Deleted User deadlift is king

2017-12-08 16:47:28 UTC  

It is expensive, and trying to find a sample that actually gives noticeable improvements is also quite expensive

2017-12-08 18:04:13 UTC  

make your own stack

2017-12-08 18:04:19 UTC  
2017-12-08 18:04:37 UTC  

cheaper, but more difficult

2017-12-08 18:04:38 UTC  

@Deleted User >not getting glutes for the sloots

2017-12-08 18:04:50 UTC  

>not going ass to grass

2017-12-08 18:58:58 UTC  

@Stephanie Girls are allowed to participate and, I’m my view (subject to the boss’ veto) encouraged. Violent people these days seem to have no issue with attacking girls at random so it’s good to have a basic ability to defend yourself.

2017-12-08 19:00:27 UTC  

I know that Generation Identitaire does this.

2017-12-08 19:02:28 UTC  

I’m down then!!

2017-12-08 19:03:49 UTC  

I think women should be encouraged as long as it isn’t overboard and they’re at like 5% body fat and can’t have kiddos

2017-12-08 19:12:40 UTC  

@Stephanie 1488 first

2017-12-08 19:15:14 UTC  
2017-12-08 21:07:25 UTC  

Finally arrived