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2018-01-20 08:22:51 UTC  

nightfall in middle-earth nonetheless

2018-01-20 08:22:53 UTC  

stellar taste

2018-01-21 00:13:17 UTC  

5 minutes alone or walk by pantera, anything off the Carolus Rex album for heavy squats

2018-01-21 01:07:57 UTC  

The handshake murders- painted contortionist

2018-01-21 01:08:13 UTC  

Especially the last 45 seconds of the song

2018-01-21 01:54:38 UTC  

Feats of War - Suidakra

2018-01-21 02:37:05 UTC  

Big fights tonight. Who ya got? Miopic or Magoomba?

2018-01-21 03:29:28 UTC  

I guess listening to metal while lifting is the norm

2018-01-21 03:30:12 UTC  

Future Breed Machine - Meshuggah is incredible to workout to

2018-01-21 03:31:05 UTC  

Meshuggah is great

2018-01-21 15:32:46 UTC  

Anyone have advice on balancing workouts with an extremely labor intensive job? I've really been struggling to find a good balance

2018-01-21 15:34:23 UTC  

Note- my work days are very inconsistent in that I get moved around a lot so one day my arms can be destroyed and the next day by legs can be destroyed etc

2018-01-21 15:34:34 UTC  

Some days it's rough on everything

2018-01-21 15:35:52 UTC  

I think a 3-day lifting schedule would fit well. One day for chest/tris, another for back/bis, another for legs/core. That's what I usually do on busy weeks.

2018-01-21 15:36:42 UTC  

Go immediately before work or immediately after work. Only have caffeine or pre workout before the workout, not before work

2018-01-21 15:37:10 UTC  

I work really early in the mornings

2018-01-21 15:37:19 UTC  

So it complicates things a bit

2018-01-21 15:37:47 UTC  

With everything else in life that you have to do haha

2018-01-21 15:37:56 UTC  

Do you get 8 hours of sleep a night

2018-01-21 15:38:05 UTC  

Usually around six

2018-01-21 15:38:46 UTC  

Go right after work and bring your gym bag with you, so you don't have an excuse to go home and nap

2018-01-21 15:38:58 UTC  

I work at 4.30am and that's what I do

2018-01-21 15:40:01 UTC  

I also save my caffeine until I'm going to the gym, none in the morning

2018-01-21 15:40:30 UTC  

Nice. That coupled with a three days a week may do the trick... it's just trying to fall into a good routine that will be the issue

2018-01-21 15:42:30 UTC  

Yeah and you gotta train yourself not to make excuses and go no matter what. That was and still is the hard part for me

2018-01-21 15:42:42 UTC  

"Just a short nap", etc

2018-01-21 15:43:12 UTC  

I get up at 4:30 or 5:30 every day, too. Getting to the gym when I'm supposed to AND getting 8 hours of sleep is rough some days.

2018-01-21 15:43:19 UTC  

I can't take naps haha it's a blessing and a curse. The biggest problem for me is just simply finding the time

2018-01-21 15:44:18 UTC  

Ever since I moved and started this new job it's been pretty difficult to build up a new routine

2018-01-22 00:28:53 UTC  

@Thomas Morrow I struggle with finding time too.

I stalked Craigslist for gym equipment. 3 months later, I had 500 lbs of plates, a squat rack, bench, 2 barbells and a pullup/dip bar.

All for about $300.

Now my garage is a gym, I can always find the time, when the gym is 20 feet away. 😁

2018-01-22 00:33:24 UTC  

That'd be nice!! I'm going to just have to set a weekly goal and play it by ear week by week. I like to have a set schedule but it's looking like life isn't going to allow it for awhile

2018-01-22 03:28:44 UTC  

Hey guys, I recently got a gym membership, but being completely uninformed on say...workout routines...I wanted to pick your brain a little bit.

2018-01-22 03:30:37 UTC  

I'm completely out of shape in part due to sedentary work environment and general lifestyle. Starting out, I was on the treadmill for about 45 min mostly with walking and inclines (its "fat burn" program) and then at the end I did some jogging for about 5 min before my feet were dragging.

2018-01-22 03:31:24 UTC  

Afterward I used some resistance machines for arms and legs, and did weights for a short time alternating between arms.

2018-01-22 03:32:07 UTC  

I was sore for maybe 3 days.

2018-01-22 03:32:35 UTC  

Is it advantageous or harmful to do a workout when you're sore?

2018-01-22 03:34:15 UTC  

@wolfwood It depends.

You need to be able to tell the difference between "sore" and injured. If you are new to this, then you want have the experience to know the difference.

2018-01-22 03:35:13 UTC  

Personally, I'm a fan of routines. If you did a 3 day per week workout schedule, you'd have plenty of rest days.

2018-01-22 03:36:10 UTC  

It was my arms that were sore, in that if I stretched them out, there was a post-workout burn for those three days. But I wouldn't say injured.

2018-01-22 03:36:42 UTC  

Nothing sharp.