Message from Blue Lady TX~WD in Southern Front #general

2017-08-12 22:45:54 UTC  

Lesson Learned from this event
Stay Together!

2017-08-12 22:46:17 UTC  

Okay good thank you ...

2017-08-12 22:46:51 UTC  

Stay together and stay with someone who has a phone. Or at least a charger.

2017-08-12 22:46:59 UTC  


2017-08-12 22:47:14 UTC  

A Dodge Charger?

2017-08-12 22:47:17 UTC  

Next time I am going even if I have to take days off Florida will be sticking together in unit from when we arrive until we leave

2017-08-12 22:47:19 UTC  


2017-08-12 22:47:47 UTC  

And you're very welcome. Let me know if I can help anymore please.

2017-08-12 22:49:11 UTC  

Thankfully now Florida has been all accounted for

2017-08-12 22:50:43 UTC  

Might just be me but If antifa found a after party location it could be asking for trouble

2017-08-12 22:51:12 UTC  


2017-08-12 22:51:22 UTC  

Well hopefully no one knows these locations

2017-08-12 22:51:47 UTC  

Let's hope they do so we can fuck them up

2017-08-12 22:54:50 UTC  

The police aren't going to have any sympathy after that downed helo not that we had anything to do with it anyway but you know how antsy cops get
Best just to try and lay low for now

2017-08-12 22:57:04 UTC  

Haven't mentioned his affiliation have they?

2017-08-12 22:58:59 UTC  

2 were from the Helicopter.

2017-08-12 22:59:07 UTC  

1 from the car.

2017-08-12 22:59:12 UTC  

Fake News.

2017-08-12 22:59:32 UTC  

Ah okay so that will piss the police off even mode

2017-08-12 22:59:36 UTC  


2017-08-12 23:04:50 UTC  

The 2 that died in the helicopter crash, were they police officers?

2017-08-12 23:06:28 UTC  

Any word on how the helicopter crashed?

2017-08-12 23:07:59 UTC  

Yea it was a police chopper

2017-08-12 23:09:02 UTC  

So I'm guessing flight police I doubt anyone was involved lol if it where my guess it would be mechanical or pilot failure

2017-08-12 23:15:23 UTC

2017-08-12 23:15:34 UTC  

> nothing of value was lost

2017-08-12 23:16:19 UTC  

Tempted to make this my wallpaper

2017-08-12 23:16:38 UTC  

But my wallpaper is currently Goebbels laughing, and you can't beat that

2017-08-12 23:19:30 UTC  


2017-08-12 23:29:01 UTC  

Oh the comments. Wonderful.

2017-08-12 23:30:36 UTC  


2017-08-12 23:48:15 UTC  

Do we have a concensus on who drove the car into whom

2017-08-12 23:49:22 UTC  

wasnt it that young leftest dude

2017-08-12 23:49:28 UTC

2017-08-12 23:49:48 UTC  

leftist *

2017-08-12 23:49:53 UTC  

i mean it kinda had to be a right winger considering he plowed into a crowd of commies

2017-08-12 23:50:16 UTC  

these are just shock troops of establishment

2017-08-12 23:50:19 UTC  

Or he was retarded

2017-08-12 23:50:26 UTC  

Or false flag

2017-08-12 23:51:19 UTC  

The license plate leads back to the father of [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] is a leftist who bragged on FB about getting the new car. It seems likely it was him.