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2018-06-23 06:17:22 UTC  

If I can find one with a reasonable monthly price and no fee, though...

2018-06-23 06:19:16 UTC  

I got my parents to pay for a pretty pricy one for me, which was very nice of them. Kind of an unfortunate necessity here. My trip to the Y when I first came here was... interesting.

2018-06-23 06:19:53 UTC  

The one at my school was fine but there was literally always someone at the free weights area, never got a chance to get any lifting in.

2018-06-23 07:01:37 UTC  

Sauna after gym is a must

2018-06-23 07:02:50 UTC  

I go to a boxing gym and bought a crunch membership just to hit the sauna after

2018-06-23 13:13:04 UTC  

Sauna/jacuzi after working out actually has incredible anabolic effects

2018-06-23 13:16:05 UTC  

Interestingly enough high heat burns more calories to stay in as well

2018-06-23 14:46:57 UTC  

I work in 140F heat, 20 minutes on 20 minutes off

2018-06-23 14:47:30 UTC  

But I also always sauna after jiu jitsu. I feel like it helps with the aches and pains

2018-06-23 14:48:04 UTC  

I also read an article that Sauna releases more Hgh if you do it at least 4 times a week for over 20 minutes

2018-06-26 00:39:59 UTC  

Hate shoulder day

2018-06-26 00:40:01 UTC  

Boy I die

2018-06-26 01:15:57 UTC  

I think I’m mercilessly fucking up dumbbell shrugs

2018-06-26 01:16:11 UTC  

It’s my only thing today that doesn’t go until failure

2018-06-26 01:16:21 UTC  

Do I just need to use more weight?

2018-06-26 01:27:38 UTC  

dumbell shrugs?

2018-06-26 01:27:42 UTC  

How much weight?

2018-06-26 02:12:02 UTC  


2018-06-26 02:12:42 UTC  

Well, work up to that

2018-06-26 02:12:53 UTC  

Start at 30

2018-06-26 02:12:56 UTC  

4 sets

2018-06-26 03:29:39 UTC  

Use a barbell, and go heavy af

2018-06-26 03:29:46 UTC  

traps need weight

2018-06-26 13:07:15 UTC  

i've noticed wrestling naturally gives you traps for some reason

2018-06-26 13:26:39 UTC  

Traps support shoulders and neck which you use a lot during wrestling

2018-06-26 13:27:13 UTC  

Also physical competition with other men raises testosterone and trapezius are the first muscles to respond to raises in testosterone levels

2018-06-26 13:29:32 UTC

2018-06-27 01:20:51 UTC  

Just ran for the first time in about 2 months

2018-06-27 01:20:52 UTC  


2018-06-27 01:21:56 UTC  

Sprinted up a big hill and back to my apt, little over a mile. Amazing how much you deteriorate in such a short time,.

2018-06-27 01:48:48 UTC  

I'm getting so fat compared to what I was. Felt good to get back out in the sun and just sprint. Ready for Warrior Dash 2018 🏅 🏅

2018-06-27 01:53:41 UTC  

As much as I'm running and doing cardio I still know it's going to kick my ass lol

2018-06-27 01:53:51 UTC  

I'll be looking forward to a nice cold beer when we get back lol

2018-06-27 01:58:26 UTC  

a 5k shouldn't be too bad for you bro

2018-06-27 01:58:58 UTC  

Join me in August for a Spartan Race at Breckenridge, 12-14 miles. You learn what pain is at those races

2018-06-27 01:59:15 UTC  

You're in such good shape these days.

2018-06-27 02:01:10 UTC  

Long distance running and me have just never gotten along it seems like 😅

2018-06-27 03:03:30 UTC  

What’s up with Mexicans and exercising in jeans

2018-06-27 03:04:58 UTC  

Tell me about it. I'm glad I get to workout in the school's gym alone now that I'm coaching.

2018-06-27 03:06:09 UTC  

Just finished leg day cardio

2018-06-27 03:06:14 UTC  

I’m tingly