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Easy boys; teasing is all in brotherly fun. Let's not make it serious.

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Long day at work, posted while angry.

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keep on that bike swole

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positively white

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The swolest cyclist ever:

2018-06-28 00:46:37 UTC  

cyclist quads are ridiculous

2018-06-28 00:52:07 UTC  

Why would a cyclist need to have that much upper body strength that he seems to have?

2018-06-28 00:58:59 UTC  

Why do foot sprinters have big arms? The cyclists probably have big arms because they grab the handlebars and wrench the heck out of them. Pull up on the handlebar as you push down on the pedal. You could see him torquing the stationary bike.

2018-06-28 13:52:25 UTC  

Having a strong upper body helps when running. Especially sprinting

2018-07-02 18:25:42 UTC  

Finally an independent agency testing bicycle helmets!

2018-07-03 21:11:35 UTC  

I just bought their top recommended helmet and hope I never put it to the test.

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Involves cycling ^^^

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Thankfully found some balance to the pozz

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Any foodies here need to take up cycling. 2,200 calories burned in one ride.

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how fatigued does that make you?

2018-07-09 01:23:34 UTC  

Depends how hard I push. I can go at a walking pace equivalent, a jogging pace, a running pace, a sprinting pace. Strava will also calculate the training load based on heart rate and power meter to see how long of a recovery you need for the intensity you exerted.

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I went decently hard on this ride, so more than 24 hours for full recovery, but no so hard that I need a day off of exercising.

2018-07-09 01:32:59 UTC  

I'm interested in seeing the math behind that

2018-07-09 21:46:01 UTC  

@Tanner - SC I want to get into cycling. I now live in a city and know nothing about good bike brands. Aside from obviously googling for resources on my own time, what would be a good starting point for getting into cycling seriously?

2018-07-09 21:46:48 UTC  

And by seriously I mean tracking my workouts like you do so I receive that data, a serious but hopefully affordable bike brand, and maybe an app for finding popular cycling routes.

2018-07-09 21:54:07 UTC  

* Determine if you want to do road cycling or mountain biking or a bike that’s a mix of the two. They’re kind of like trucks vs cars, quite different designs
* Trek is my most recommended brand. They are the only brand 100% owned by Americans, based in rural Wisconsin, and have pro-America names for their products like “Boone” and “Crocket”. The biggest brand in the USA, Lance Armstrong rode a Trek for each of his 7 Tour De France wins.
* Specialized is #2 brand I recommend, they innovate the most, based in bay area California, sold 49% of the company to the Taiwanese. Cannondale is #3 recommended, based in Connecticut, sold 100% of company to Canadians. Giant is the world’s largest brand, but they’re entirely Taiwanese and a bit cheap.

2018-07-09 21:54:47 UTC  

Strava is by far the most popular cycling app

2018-07-09 21:57:33 UTC  

You're the best. Thank you much, I'm going to look into all this now!

2018-07-09 21:59:06 UTC  

When you buy a bike, ask the bike shop to “fit” the bike to you and ask them about local group rides. If you want to read a book about intro to cycling, I recommend <> It also comes with a lot of nutrition advice which you are free to ignore (I like that part too)

If you want road cycling, you can enter at a variety of price points and still be fast. This would be a great start, let me know how that falls in your budget:

2018-07-14 01:55:11 UTC  

@BryceB-ND any progress? Watching any of the Tour De France?

2018-07-14 04:55:16 UTC

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Saw a big fake deer on today's ride

2018-07-15 19:54:35 UTC