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2018-11-05 00:13:09 UTC

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Beautiful countryside, great pictures Tanner

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@Tanner - SC my daily 4 mile was really rough after those 18 yesterday

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Nice view.

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Do calisthenics, boys

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@John O - beautiful!

2018-11-12 16:58:17 UTC  

Cycling around the east side of Detroit

2018-11-12 17:23:47 UTC  

Wow... so beautiful.

2018-11-12 23:51:30 UTC  

Nive view.

2018-11-14 01:38:18 UTC  

Man I would be afraid to go to East Detroit

2018-11-14 23:46:13 UTC  

More today

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This prostitute blew me a kiss right after taking this picture

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Seems like a nice place.

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Ride a bike.
It will take you places.

2018-11-15 00:27:50 UTC  

Hey they never said it would be nice places.

2018-11-15 00:30:53 UTC  

I used to live in Detroit for almost two years (I plan on moving back this summer) and it is such an interesting city. Every day you see levels of deviance and degeneracy that you never knew were possible. The main annoying thing was being asked if I want heroin everyday because I was white in a black neighborhood. But other than that I still cruise the city everyday whether it is for school or work and take flicks of the interesting stuff I see

2018-11-15 00:41:44 UTC  

@Caboose a hoe neva gets cold

2018-11-15 01:17:20 UTC  

I enjoy watching the videos on youtube of people driving through Detroit and filming. It really is something else.

2018-11-15 02:24:12 UTC  

While the blight, and decay is very much real (literally every block real) it is also making a major comeback. Downtown, midtown, and New center are thriving due to tens of thousands of young while people moving there like myself, kicking out the blacks, and taking back our city by making housing prices too high for them to move back in. Gentrification is really a wonderful thing in a city like Detroit. The police recognize it and now those areas just mentioned are the most patrolled in the city.

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That's pretty awesome.

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Now ya'll need to start making babies...

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Such a cool graphic!

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The pavement unexpectedly ended part-way through today’s ride in a new area, so I continued riding on the south’s famous “red dirt roads”.

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