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ENROOTMENT - Attachment to a land, to a hereditary heritage, and to an identity that is the motor of all historical dynamism.

Enrootment opposes cosmopolitanism, cultural mixing, and the ethnic chaos of present-day civilisation. The concept, however, is ‘slippery’, because it easily leads to certain misunderstandings. European enrootment is never an attachment to the past or to immobility. Instead, it links the ancestral heritage with creation. It shouldn’t be understood, then, in the way a museum has us understand it, which neutralises a people’s identity by freezing it in nostalgic memory. The notion of enrootment complements that of ‘disinstallation’, explained above. Enrootment is the preservation of roots, based on the knowledge that the tree must continue to grow. Roots are what live: they engender the tree and permit its growth.

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ETHNOCENTRISM - The mobilising conviction, distinct to all long-living peoples, that they belong to something superior and that they must conserve their ethnic identity, if they are to endure in history.

Whether it’s ‘objectively’ true or false doesn’t matter: ethnocentrism is the psychological condition necessary to a people’s (or nation’s) survival. History is not a field in which intellectually objective principles are worked out, but one conditioned by the will to power, competition, and selection. Scholastic disputes about a people’s superiority or inferiority are beside the point. In the struggle for survival, the feeling of being superior and right is indispensable to acting and succeeding.

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ETHNOMASOCHIM - The masochistic tendency to blame and devalue one’s ethnicity, one’s own people. Ethnomasochism comes from shame and self-hatred.

It’s a collective psychopathology, provoked by a concerted propaganda campaign to make Europeans feel guilty about how they’ve treated other peoples and to make them see themselves as ‘oppressors’. They are made, in this way, to repent and pay their alleged debt. A veritable historical imposture, their repentance, no less, is urged by the churches and the state.

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EUGENICS - A technique for improving the genetic quality of a population.

Biotechnologies and genetic engineering today furnish the technical and practical means of improving the human genome, not solely for therapeutic reasons, but for political ones as well. Biotechnology now makes it possible to practice a positive eugenics that directly intervenes in the genome to improve heredity, doing so more effectively and rapidly than older techniques based on selection by marriage.

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Good stuff.

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Been in favor of it since I was a kid.

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We did.

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We had it here.

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Then we stopped after the Nazis gave it a bad name.

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Oh you totally have to have abortion for blacks and hispanics and undesirable whites.

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GENOPOLITICS - Genopolitics[147] (in Greek, genos means race or people), like ethnocracy, is based on the conservation of the genos, on the promotion of the healthy, the protection of the environment, and on the overcoming of the Homo oeconomicus, the commercial society and all forms of mercantilism.

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GERMEN A people’s or civilisation’s biological root — the core of ethnicity — upon which everything else rests.

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HAPPINESS, ‘SMALL PLEASURES’ - A secularised version, converted into social and economic objectives, of the heavenly ideal inspiring the salvation religions.

Small pleasures (petit bonheur) for everyone — to satisfy the material demands of one’s living standard — has become the formal goal of Western ideology. But happiness, even well-being, is not to be found in this market of dupes. Never have suicide rates been higher.

Defined strictly in terms of economic and materialistic wellbeing, these small pleasures falsely presume that all human beings aspire to the same ideal of quantitative consumption. This purely passive objective, entailing a people’s domestication, despises the spiritual, historical, and cultural requirements of an individual’s inner sense of well-being. It destroys communal solidarity. It excludes everything that cannot be attained through a certain ‘material level of life’. Its massified individual knows, as such, only anguish and insecurity in a society promising heaven on Earth. The frenzied search for material well-being, socially sanctioned but never attained, is leading to what Konrad Lorenz[151] called the ‘warm death’, which softens and undermines a civilisation.

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HUMANITARIANISM The professed love of all humans regardless of distinction — and the affirmation of our alleged duty to assist the oppressed, hungry, or ill, etc.

Humanitarianism is a delinquent and disfigured humanism. It comes from a sort of systematic pity for the ‘Other’ and an indifference to the ‘Next’. It’s an exacerbation of what was formerly called ‘philanthropy’ and a hypocritical secularisation of Christian ‘charity’. In this sense, it comes from xenophilia and legitimises, as such, ‘foreign preferences’ that discriminate in favour of aliens. Humanitarianism demonstrates mass support for illegal immigrants and assists victims of massacres and civil wars in faraway places (for which it feels responsible), yet at the same time it’s utterly indifferent to the poverty and precariousness of native Europeans. It’s scandalised by the deportation of Albanians, but not the deportation of Serbs. It condemns Russia’s war against the Chechens, but not the Chechen war against Russia or the AngloAmerican bombing of Iraq, ect.

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IDENTITY - Etymologically: ‘That which makes singular’. A people’s identity is what makes it incomparable and irreplaceable.

Characteristic of humanity is the diversity and singularity of its many peoples and cultures. Every form of its homogenisation is synonymous with death, as well as with sclerosis and entropy. Universalism always seeks to marginalise identity in the name of a single, unique anthropological model. But ethnic and cultural identities form a bloc: maintaining and developing the cultural heritage presupposes a people’s ethnic commonality. Humanity will not survive the challenges it’s generating if it remains a pluriversum, that is, if it remains a fractious aggravation of profoundly different ethnocentric peoples. Look: identity’s basis is biological; without it, the realms of culture and civilisation are unsustainable. Said differently: a people’s identity, memory, and projects come from a specific hereditary disposition.

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INVOLUTION - The regression of a civilisation or species to maladaptive forms that lead to the
diminishment of its vital forces.
We are presently endangered by a grave involution, particularly in culture. This is due not simply to
the spread of pop culture, of which America is the principal distributor, but also to the Africanisation
of European culture and to the Islamic invasion. Cultural involution has also been stimulated by the
decline of National Education (40% of adolescents are now partially or completely illiterate), the
regression of knowledge, the collapse of social norms, the immersion of youth in a world of
audio/visual play, the progression of neo-primitivism, the loss of defensive reflexes, etc.

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Gotta run, later guys.

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MENTAL AIDS - The collapse of a people’s immune system in the face of its decadence and its enemies.

Louis Pauwels[177] coined the term in the 1980s and it set off a media scandal — for it pointed at a painful truth (in general, the more the neo-totalitarian system is scandalised by an idea and demonises it, the more likely it’s true). AIDS comes from a retrovirus that destroys an organism’s immune system. ‘Mental AIDS’ is an infection of a psychological nature that affects virtually all the ‘elites’ — the political class, the media class, show business, the ‘cultural’ community, ‘artists’, filmmakers — inclining them to oppose the interests of their own people and to advocate degenerate values as if they were actually ones of regeneration. A people, a nation, a civilisation — at the most complex, holistic level — is a living organism. European societies today are menaced by the collapse of their immunological defences: aggressions in this vein are not combated but encouraged. Faced with an evident danger, we’re witnessing a morbid case of anti-opportunity: that is, at the very moment when measures of anti-pathological defence are most needed, exactly the opposite is being called for — which, of course, simply reinforces the pathology’s progression.

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Mental Aids was one of my favorite terms when I read that book

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Haha yeah. We were laughing about it last night.

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Felt like forever to get through those definitions. But the conclusion is worth it.

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The conclusion is very good

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@everyone BOTM discussion now, 🅱ois

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I wasn't able to post on the IE lit club. Is this where we will discuss, "why we fight"

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Yeah man, hop into voice

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Stupid mic still no work with Firefaux, so I'm typing.

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I can hear better on the PC than on phone.

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So if I decide to rant I can switch to phone.

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Why Are We Fighting?
Before answering this central question, perhaps it’s worth saying at first who this ‘we’ is. Perhaps it’s ‘you’, despite the superficial labels identifying you with one of the various parties or sects that the present tragedy will not hesitate to sweep away? ‘You’ — despite the misunderstandings that divide us — who intuitively senses the mortal dangers threatening France and Europe? ‘You’ — coming from every horizon and having become conscious of the biological, ethical, political, and spiritual decline of European civilisation and the nations comprising it — who has joined the resistance?

In this respect — and also in defining who ‘we’ are — it’s necessary to repeat that agnostics, pagans, and authentic Catholic or Orthodox Christians must demote their secondary philosophical differences, carry out a return to the real, and learn how to align themselves against the common enemy, who everyone well knows.

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-- it’s necessary that everyone does his duty and works in his place — devotes himself to constructing a body of fundamental values — against the common enemy — in a network of active,
supple, interdependent, and confederated resistance — present on every front, at the level of Europe — with the aim of concentrating all the energies of the combatants.

--Nothing is lost. It’s completely inappropriate to see ourselves, in the nostalgia of despair, as a rearguard, a last outpost, that struggles with panache for a lost cause. No, we have to see ourselves as the vanguard of the resistance, whose lucid spirit exudes a certain optimism. But let there be no illusion. Victory won’t be won through peaceful bourgeois reform or through the vaticinations of an aesthetic and ‘literary’ libertinism. We have to prepare ourselves for the coming tempest, to harden ourselves — for the sake of attacking, like a cobra, quickly and decisively, once the moment of opportunity strikes. In anticipating this moment, we need now to start arming ourselves — mentally and physically — we need to recruit, to proselytise, to educate, to organise in networks of solidarity and action. It’s simple: let’s model ourselves on our enemy.

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NIHILISM - A profound belief in the absence of all ‘meaning in life’: the annihilation of superior values; a cynical, dispirited tendency to despise the principles of action, even to believe that they no longer exist.

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"Nihil" = "nothing" in Latin.

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Nihilism (from the Latin nihil, ‘nothing’) characterises an era when everything has become equivalent, when all authentic sense of the sacred has gone, when the principal preoccupation is consumerism and immediate materialism. Vitalist values (related to the conservation of a line, the defence of a land, the communal spirit, concern for future generations, the perpetuation of traditions, aesthetics, etc.) collapse for the sake of a dissimulating ethic of false values (the humanitarian, anti-racist, democratic vulgate, pseudo-social or ecological discourses at odds with the facts, etc.). Nihilism is the direct offshoot of the bourgeois spirit — obsessional, egoistic, and calculating. The system’s dominant preoccupations, similarly, are short-term financial gain, the maximisation of profit, and the exclusion of every other consideration, even those of health.

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@SamanthaM I think it may be a reflection on us growing up in the great recession and student debt and employment instability as well

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@John O - tell her how to say it

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you mirin'?!?!