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I feel like a better path is to just say "yeah whites killed native americans, inter-civilizational conflict is nothing new"

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i deny the indian shoah too, the indians were killing eachother, just like africans kill eachother

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but so many died before jackson

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That doesn't mean Europeans didn't also kill them @Deleted User

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that's like saying any battle is a genocide

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this is the true story of the Native American genocide:

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I mispoke, he doesn't deny a genocide, he denies any drop in population after Europeans showed up

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Which is crazy too, John.

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just cause they insisted on fighting and losing doesny mean its a genocide
tfw galaxybrain

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Populations here were in flux already.

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THIRD WORLDISM - Doctrine, on the Left and Right, which claims the Third World has been ‘exploited’ — and that it’s advisable to aid it, unceasingly, with financial and technological transfers, and to welcome its migrants.

Third Worldism is a snake that swallows its own tail: in claiming to aid poor countries, it deserts and divests itself of all actual responsibility for them. It imposes on these lands a Western economic model, destructive of local economies. One pities the Third World in terms of a self-culpabilising charity.

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the difference between liberia and the ivory coast

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Third World parasitism takes the following forms: 1. Direct financial costs in the form of lost loans, Europeanfinanced exports, the annulment of debt, etc. 2 . The cost of technical aid and cooperation, as well as technological transfers. Despite massive aid, no African or Arab country has ever attained even a modicum of economic balance. 3. The cost of exploiting raw materials in the Third World. For fifty years we’ve been told that we exploited the countries of the South. Their petroleum, raw materials, and their agriculture would, though, be of no use to Europe, if she thought geopolitically — in terms of a ‘Eurosiberian space’. No Muslim oil exporter, for example, would be able to exploit the subsoil reserves of his country on his own. These reserves have been discovered and exploited by foreign companies, who pay an enormous rent for them. Eurosiberia would have no need of Third World resources. 4 . The worst, the heaviest burden: dumping its excess population in Europe, which is equivalent to overwhelming her demographically and hamstringing her with an economic ball and chain.

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@Zyzz kek

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TRADITION, TRADITIONALISM - Tradition is the ensemble of a people’s values and cultural structures, which are transmitted (tradere in Latin) from generation to generation — to form the scaffolding of its collective memory.

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VALUES - Idea-forces and life rules that are translated into behaviours and transcend individual egoism, since they have no immediate utility, but constitute a long-term necessity for a community’s survival.

Some of the fundamental values, for example, are:
• A refusal of massification, as well as a narcissistic individualism,
• An affirmation of the creative inequality of the human race,
• Concern for a people and its historical destiny,
• Loyalty to a lineage (ethnic consciousness),
• Individual freedom as self-discipline,
• The precedence of communal solidarity over egoism,
• Cult of the aesthetic,
• Respect for life’s selectivity — and not ‘all’ life,
• The spirit of enterprise and creation . . .

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UNIVERSALISM - The belief that humanity forms a homogeneous ensemble, a single family, in which notions of people and identity are secondary.

An avatar of egalitarian ideology, universalism is a political monotheism, the parent of all totalitarianisms. The individual for it is but ‘a citizen of the world’. All cultures are destined to fuse and no inequalities of nature or quality exist between them.

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A belief in Universalism is hurting us big time.

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Universalism is a primary tenant of the Christian churches in my area. We need a church of Christian warriors.

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haha we were discussing this earlier

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I bet. I am going to have to get on top of this discord program some how.

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there might be youtube videos that could help you

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@Deleted User Wish you were here, man

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Where are you John?

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In the voice chat

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Why Are We Fighting?
Before answering this central question, perhaps it’s worth saying at first who this ‘we’ is. Perhaps it’s ‘you’, despite the superficial labels identifying you with one of the various parties or sects that the present tragedy will not hesitate to sweep away? ‘You’ — despite the misunderstandings that divide us — who intuitively senses the mortal dangers threatening France and Europe? ‘You’ — coming from every horizon and having become conscious of the biological, ethical, political, and spiritual decline of European civilisation and the nations comprising it — who has joined the resistance?

In this respect — and also in defining who ‘we’ are — it’s necessary to repeat that agnostics, pagans, and authentic Catholic or Orthodox Christians must demote their secondary philosophical differences, carry out a return to the real, and learn how to align themselves against the common enemy, who everyone well knows.

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-- it’s necessary that everyone does his duty and works in his place — devotes himself to constructing a body of fundamental values — against the common enemy — in a network of active,
supple, interdependent, and confederated resistance — present on every front, at the level of Europe — with the aim of concentrating all the energies of the combatants.

--Nothing is lost. It’s completely inappropriate to see ourselves, in the nostalgia of despair, as a rearguard, a last outpost, that struggles with panache for a lost cause. No, we have to see ourselves as the vanguard of the resistance, whose lucid spirit exudes a certain optimism. But let there be no illusion. Victory won’t be won through peaceful bourgeois reform or through the vaticinations of an aesthetic and ‘literary’ libertinism. We have to prepare ourselves for the coming tempest, to harden ourselves — for the sake of attacking, like a cobra, quickly and decisively, once the moment of opportunity strikes. In anticipating this moment, we need now to start arming ourselves — mentally and physically — we need to recruit, to proselytise, to educate, to organise in networks of solidarity and action. It’s simple: let’s model ourselves on our enemy.

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Hell yeah, bring back the crusades

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Also, celebrate Our Lady of Lepanto

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What a crazy time, man

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Basically the Pope had everyone pray 24/7 for euros to beat the turks at sea

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it stemmed the turkish invasion further into europe

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@CarletonJ white identity please

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@ThisIsChris thank you for the post

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@FlyingDutchmann My pleasure!