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Not really sure @SamanthaM

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wakanda studies

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@celticflame Sorry, just wondering. :) Avionics seems like a super competitive field.

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ooga booga

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Actual advantage may be sacrificed for diversity. North Miami used to require that police officers know how to swim because they may have to rescue someone
in the water. In 2004, the department dropped that requirement because it desperately wanted Haitian officers, and most Haitian applicants could not swim. “Our swimming requirement may give the false perception that we are not serious in our efforts to hire Haitian police applicants,” explained police chief Gwendolyn Boyd-Savage

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More in his work is electronics is .ore whites though i think

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thats why all the migrants drown before reaching european shores to enrich us all

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Yep lol

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NHI reports lower buoyancy due to bone and muscle density.

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The reason I'm not able to listen to chat right now is because the diversity hires at my work are so unreliable I always get stuck covering for them.

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Sorry to hear @Deleted User

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It's fine I'll be able to listen driving home in a bit

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@Deleted User Sounds terrible

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The exceptions usually involve white ethnics. At Herbert H. Lehman High School in the Bronx, 200 white students—all Albanians and many of them refugees—refused to be intimidated. They were vastly outnumbered by blacks and Hispanics, but stood up to mass attacks that had to be stopped by police. “They all hate us,” said 17-year-old Diana Gjoljaj of blacks and Hispanics. “That’s why we hang together.” Evan Small, a black junior, said blacks stick together, too: “If you see guys fighting you are going to jump in and protect your people.”

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They have a greater in group identity in comparison to the masses of white Americans whose culture is denied

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Dot map for Atlanta Metro.

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@Anthony Sealy - MO Yeah, it's sad

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Look at the upper right.

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France and Russia = mostly white

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@Why Tea Fantastic. Really illustrates your point.

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Look how sharp the lines are when you zoom in:

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Same story here

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Ya it sucks

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You can see the Asians at GA tech, the little red patch downtown right next to the big green area

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I live right along the racial divide line

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In 2006, the Pew Hispanic Center found that the closer blacks lived to
Hispanics and the more contact they had with them, the more they favored
cutting immigration. Likewise, in a study of racial attitudes in Durham, North
Carolina, 59 percent of Latino immigrants said that few or no blacks were
hardworking, and 57 percent said that few or no blacks could be trusted. Only 9
percent of whites said that blacks were not hardworking and only 10 percent said
they could not be trusted.16 According to another study, Hispanic passengers
tipped white taxi drivers 150 percent more than they tipped black drivers.17
The city of Lynwood in Los Angeles County used to be black-dominated, but
by 2007 it was more than 80 percent Hispanic. Blacks still had considerable
power, however, because 40 percent of residents were foreign-born and many
could not vote. On the city council, disputes broke down along racial lines. “It’s
all about race,” said City Councilwoman Leticia Vasquez.

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> “It’s all about race,”

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In every measurable statistic, whites are the best.

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Except IQ

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3% difference between us and Asians. 15% between us and blacks. I'm not too worried.

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or is it 20?

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It’s 15-20 yeah