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Ok with academic, that can be written in a way to keep you reading imo.

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I'm very inexperienced with Russia, does it get into what it means to be Russian wrt ethnicity?

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I'm only 7% into it so far - but a lot of it is past the arrival of ryurik

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I don't know if ethnic conflict was later, obviously soviet era

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was a big deal

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oh, ok.

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I've always been curious about the history of the various groups that fell under Russian influence

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how those groups formed, how they interacted with Russian influence and power, etc.

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he was a viking of finnish background that united a lot of slavs and founded Rus'

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his descendants would rule russia until the death of Ivan IV "The Terrible"

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Ok. Ivan was the first Czar, so he was of Viking decent? I though Ivan was the beginning of a new era in Russian rule and culture...?

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I've got some learning to do.

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russians are a mixture of a lot of different peoples, just like americans

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slavs are the main group, but they have a lot of finnic and ugrian ancestry, with a sprinkling of tatar and german

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That's my very elementary understanding. I was just under the impression Ivan was the beginning and not the end of an era

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in a lot of ways he was

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he was both...?

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can you calrify?

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probably a lot to clarify, haha

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don't mean to ask for a history lesson haha

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no problem

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after mongols destroyed kiev and a lot of principalities, base of russian civilization shifted north of the forest line to places where nomadic hordes were less capable of attacking

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moscow was a very loyal servant of the mongols, and gained a lot in power and wealth relatively during that time

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by the 15th century, the mongols were destroying themselves through fighting between descendants of genghis khan and new warlords

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so moscow was able to retake a lot of territory that had been lost

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a lot of the various principalities had their own identities at that time, and regularly rebelled against moscow

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Ivan IV is pretty famous for sacking novgorod, a major city that had its own identity, and he played an even larger role in his grandfather Ivan III in promoting russian identity in the territories he controlled

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as time went on, the various principalities gradually lost their identities and became russians

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however certain places like galicia and volhynia remained outside of russian control until 1945, and never adopted a russian identity, and instead kept their old identities as part of the old principalities. These identities became the modern ukrainian identity

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so Ivan IV was part of a broader trend of centralization and russification that continued until 1917, but was exceptionally good at it

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but he was still part of the old system in a lot of ways

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hope that makes sense

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Good introduction for sure. Let me know what you think of the book. Saw a cheap version (used) on amazon, how much did you pay? And how did you stumble on or rather settle on this book? Via interweb wormhole?

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I think I was searching for medieval russian history on Amazon

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it was $38 for kindle edition iirc

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found a cheap used paperback. let me know how you like it. i'll probably pick it up regardless.

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will do