Message from @Jacob

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2017-12-28 02:54:40 UTC  

Post your Goodreads account information to add fellow IE members.

2017-12-29 00:12:03 UTC  

@Wotan Reborn This channel is only for posting your Goodreads account. You can make a post about that book in the appropriate section. Also, only post ebooks on this server if they aren't copyrighted.

2017-12-31 16:57:00 UTC  

just started building this so give me a bit

2017-12-31 18:49:07 UTC  

Sparse list too

2018-01-01 22:45:55 UTC

Just starting to use it, though I made the profile years ago.

2018-03-06 17:17:12 UTC  

@Praetorian Not what this channel is for

2018-08-06 16:37:22 UTC  

Added you guys. Profile with a coffee cup

2018-08-17 21:19:15 UTC  

This is my new GoodReads account. Feel free to add me!

2018-10-26 02:25:56 UTC  

This is the goodreads channel - goodreads is a website that tracks the amount of books you own (by scanning their bar codes) and the progress of your current reads.

2019-03-02 05:23:58 UTC  

kewl Just created it today. These are books that I have read over the course of this short lifetime. There are many more, that I will add as I remember them and as I read further.