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@JaredMI, @Don Fischer - MO, @CodyNick, and @MasonDixon you guys are all set. Feel free to message me or any of the mods if you have any questions.

2018-02-22 02:22:34 UTC  

Excellent, thank you

2018-02-22 02:22:39 UTC  

Sweet thank you!

2018-02-22 02:22:51 UTC  

Appreciate it @CarletonJ

2018-02-22 02:22:52 UTC  

We meet every Monday at 8p EST to discuss the current book we are all reading. If you fall behind in reading, or haven't read at all, feel free to still join and we'll catch you up.

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@Travis - IN You're in, bro

2018-02-22 02:25:27 UTC  

@John O - cool, thanks

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@Deleted User Welcome to IE /lit/, there are tons of great resources posted already. Join us every Monday at 8 pm for a Book of the Month chat

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@TomFarrea#7777 what's up, bro, someone will get you set up when they're by a computer. I would, but I'm out of the house rn

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@SuperTomPerry -RI You're all set. Feel free to join us Monday night at 8p EST for our discussion on White Identity by Jared Taylor. DM me with any questions.

2018-02-22 20:20:16 UTC  

@John O - ok sweet thank you

2018-02-23 11:01:35 UTC  

My uncle wrote a book and if it is any good I will post it here for anyone who wants to read it(no dox plz), but before I finish it and post the title I wanted to share this joke from it because it's too good to wait. "5000 years ago Moses said, "Park your camel, pickup your shovel, mount your ass, and I shall lead you to the Promised Land." 5000 years later, Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "Lay down your shovel, sit on your ass, light up a Camel, this is the promised land.""

2018-02-23 11:04:19 UTC  

"Today Richard Nixon will tax your shovel, sell your camel, kick your ass and tell you there is no promised land."

2018-02-24 00:06:13 UTC  

@Der Seeteufel - SD Absolute gold! What's the book title?

2018-02-24 02:00:46 UTC  

@SamanthaM I wasn't going to post the title until I finished reading it myself but what the hell. It's called "Relating to Ancient Learning" by Gary Wietgrefe

2018-02-24 02:02:34 UTC  

@Der Seeteufel - SD Awesome! Thanks!

2018-02-24 02:03:40 UTC  

There's some pretty red pilled stuff in here. I honestly am wondering what his conclusions are.

2018-02-24 02:06:03 UTC  

@Der Seeteufel - SD Can I order it on Amazon?

2018-02-24 02:06:36 UTC  

I think so let me see if I can find it.

2018-02-24 02:07:37 UTC  

Sweet! Definitely picking up a copy!

2018-02-24 02:10:59 UTC  

I'm sure he'll appreciate it. I think this book has some potential for being popular with the Alt-right. He defends McCarthy in the second chapter.

2018-02-24 03:57:38 UTC  

Holy Shit my Boomer uncle is a hard core race realist!

2018-02-24 12:53:44 UTC  

What's everyone's opinion on marking up books? Like highlighting and such.

2018-02-24 15:52:52 UTC  

@SamanthaM its a must. Engage the text every time you read. I highlight and annotate. Helps for going back as well and quickly finding important passages.

2018-02-24 15:53:28 UTC  

Great point, but what about for older books?

2018-02-24 16:22:14 UTC  

@SamanthaM I prefer ebooks for that reason. I use the the color codes transparent sticky arrows they sell in the office supply section if I'm reading a hard copy.

2018-02-24 19:06:55 UTC  

I don't find it useful, but that might be because I'm not trained in how to do it in any effective way

2018-02-24 22:26:47 UTC  

This might seem strange, but I take pictures of paragraphs I like

2018-02-24 23:45:45 UTC  

I use a picture to text app and save paragraphs in a memo folder

2018-02-26 22:20:25 UTC  

@SamanthaM do you have any recommendations for a book about colonial Africa? I am looking for something like a memoir from a colonists perspective. Preferably Southern Africa. Rhodesia would be ideal. Thanks!

2018-02-26 22:29:59 UTC  

@Zyzz Yes! Will post tomorrow :)

2018-02-26 23:46:20 UTC  

Thank ya!

2018-02-26 23:48:14 UTC  

Never read this book, but I have heard is is pretty good. Not sure if it is what you are looking for though.