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Welcome to the ILC server! @GloopGod

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Thanks @CarletonJ ! Hello all 👋

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good looking! @Gumbo - AZ

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I’m reading Macdonald’s first book. A fascinating and awesome white pill is simply forming a counter strategy against Jewish economic dominance. Our own ethnocentrism and economic networks along ethnic lines could preserve us.

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For example..."the Ottoman Christians were able to take advantage of European education and the preference of European Christians for Ottoman Christian Business contacts, thereby overturning the Jewish economic domination over Christians..."

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I like Patrick Casey’ focus on developing capital.

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@Myndrian 'I like Patrick Casey's focus on developing capital.'

I don't even frequent the Lit. Channel, happened to wander in at an opportune moment here;

I'll be damned if the tangible presence of such considerations within the organization don't encapsulate exactly what keeps us afloat and sets Identity Evropa apart from most pro-white movements in the USA. Besides optics, of/c haha.

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Thanks for the invite 👌

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@DrewMT verified

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Are Arktos hardcovers worth the extra cash?

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The only reason I could think of would be the collectibility

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Which is honestly a perfectly valid reason

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I doubt that paperbacks are gonna fall apart from light personal use

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@Myndrian (late to the discussion) Agreed. We have to act implicitly and emphasize European identity when possible.

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I have failed you my brothers. Will have to up my game in 2019!

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Aaahhh no problem my fellow brother.

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I just bought some of the list today, I’m behind since I just joined recently but I got 10,000 year explosion by Gregory Cochran and A troublesome Inheritance by Nicholas Wade

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I’m excited. Started 10,000 year explosion already. It’s fascinating

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So far it’s talking about . . . . even if we are separated for 3,000 years from other populations sometimes the selective pressure can be 100x stronger so effectively it can be 300,000 years of evolution compared to other rates of change.

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Historically I've done better

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@Myndrian sounds interesting. I'll have to add that to my list. Have you checked out the revolutionary phenotype from JFG?

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@AidanGillen What app is that?

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@AidanGillen I saw him announce it and have been following JFG. Is it good? I haven’t bought it yet

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@AidanGillen apparently it’s pretty bold right. A solid theory of the origins of life etc

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@Hakujin - CA its goodreads dot com

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@Myndrian so far I've only read the first chapter but I'm very compelled by the premise. And I bought some as gifts to support /ourfrenchman/ lol its shorter than I would have thought at like 150pages but its denser than most popsci books

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The idea of RNA being hijacked by DNA is such a premise on it's own that deserves some sort of award.

2018-12-29 21:48:44 UTC  

@AidanGillen I’ll have to definitely pick it up soon, JFG is awesome

2018-12-29 21:48:56 UTC  

So that’s the theory right? The first origin of life was RNA?

2018-12-29 21:49:18 UTC  

Or some primitive form. I watched him explain it but it went over my head

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Well the book is more focused on replicator self interest rather than all cells as self interest. I'd also watch his debate with Vegangains(iirc) about vegetarianism. It's actually a good primer to his way of thinking