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cuckery on another level

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This book should be required reading for our folks.

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I've begun the Evola set. Starting with this on Monday.

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i agree, if you accept "racist" as a thing you can be you've lost the discussion already

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Forced integration will never "cure" the natural course of segregation that is inherent in all natural creatures.

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i can't figure out how to talk on the voice thing

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unmute your mic

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My ex's mom worked at an all black charter school that seemed really great for kids

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i click unmute and something werid happens, trying to figure it out

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it's tough, some SJWs make a point to have friends of all races

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Gavin McInnis😂

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you can see how much people self-segregate in where they live

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"Facts are stubborn things". -John Adams

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or "oreo"

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Stefan talked about how visiting mostly-white Poland a few months ago affected him a lot, that's what inspired his rush of white identity posting on Twitter

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When you find our people in large numbers & living the white way....its inspiring.

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alternative hypothesis has good videos on fst

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that book sounds great, with the quote about being a good parent, spouse, friend, neighbor etc

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what quote?

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@apronandlace That's a really cool study. I'm pretty close with my friends' family, and I recently found out that my grandpa was from an area where their last name is very common. He was also an orphan so we don't know who his parents were. Based on what this study says, that people on average make friends with people who are related enough to them to be 4th cousins without even realizing it, I wouldn't be surprised if I subconsciously ended up making friends with some long lost distant cousins.

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@Jacob could be!

I've found some of my fourth cousins on 23andme and they look like people I'd be friends with if I met them.

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thank you.

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forgot to bring this up in the chat, but if you haven't already seen or heard this, you absolutely have to. This is Tucker Carlson putting forth third position politics to the masses. This is huge.

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Whoa....Tucker Carlson is dropping heavy artillery here.

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Anyone want to trade books?

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I have a copy of the Bell Curve, that I'd be willing to trade for something else

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Preferably something by Counter Currents or Arktos, but I'm open to suggestions