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@Myndrian check out some of the papers posted in <#393251982258995201>

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@Nemets ok ty

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All set! Welcome to the ILC server! Let me know if you have any questions!


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Funniest part of the book imo

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Just saw the announcement. That's amazing. I'll be sure to schedule an off day at work to attend.

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It's a Sunday, so hopefully you don't usually work those days anyway.

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You guys are all set!

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When amazon finally realizes what you’re really interested in lol

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They are on to you

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Hello all, glad to be here.

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good, just eatin' lunch

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@Mick nice quote! what's the book?

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"Meredith Brace of San Diego, California, believed in integration. She lived in
a white area, but the neighborhood school, Harding Elementary, was 90 percent
Hispanic. She thought whites should go to Harding rather than escape to a white
school. Even before her son was old enough to enroll, she joined the Harding
PTA, raised money for Harding, and went door-to-door to promote it to white
neighbors. After her son began to attend, she became president of the PTA, and
set up after-school art and theater classes to bring whites and Hispanics together.
They were disbanded because so few people took part.
She kept her son at Harding for three years before finally giving up. “[W]e
have nothing in common [with Hispanics],” she said. “Every time my husband
and I would go over for an event, my husband would feel like it was his first
time. We haven’t made any friends.” Her son made no friends either. “He hasn’t
been invited to a birthday party,” she explained. “There is absolutely no after-
school interaction. For his birthday, he invited four of his classmates. Only one

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"Mrs. Brace joined her neighbors and transferred her son to Hope Elementary
School, which was still 73 percent white. As one white parent explained, “[I]f
half of [the neighborhood] is going in that direction, maybe we can carpool.”1
It is lunch time at the Westerly Hills Elementary School in Charlotte, North
Carolina. Black and white children sit next to each other in what seems to be
complete disregard for race. The school appears to have passed what educators
call the “lunchroom litmus test,” of whether children make friends across racial
lines. But the test is rigged. The children have assigned seats; that is the only
way to get blacks and whites to eat together."

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@apronandlace it's at the tail end of the intro to white identity

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always read the intro

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cuckery on another level

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This book should be required reading for our folks.

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I've begun the Evola set. Starting with this on Monday.

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i agree, if you accept "racist" as a thing you can be you've lost the discussion already

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Forced integration will never "cure" the natural course of segregation that is inherent in all natural creatures.

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i can't figure out how to talk on the voice thing

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unmute your mic

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My ex's mom worked at an all black charter school that seemed really great for kids

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i click unmute and something werid happens, trying to figure it out

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