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2018-12-14 00:34:34 UTC  

It was actually a pretty funny conversation. Apparently he is appalled that I let my dog in the house. I then asked about the time her brother kept a pet lamb in their house and she said that's different.

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2018-12-14 00:36:05 UTC  

Are they foreign?

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2018-12-14 00:36:55 UTC  

Ah. That explains it. Fear of the dingo

2018-12-14 00:38:37 UTC  

I'm going over there pretty soon. I'm not going to be bringing my dog though.

2018-12-14 00:39:20 UTC  

That's pretty epic, crossing the world for the right woman. Best of luck!

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2018-12-15 00:15:57 UTC  

Bring the dog anyway. That’s a power move.

2018-12-15 01:38:49 UTC  

I usually announce my plans to marry before the hand-holding phase

2018-12-15 01:56:13 UTC  

holding hands before marriage is super degenerate

2018-12-15 02:02:34 UTC  

@Rogue "usually"? how often are you getting married?

2018-12-15 20:24:15 UTC  

@Rogue I literally did that with my current GF, but to be fair her father did send her and her sister to America to find husbands.

2018-12-16 14:19:26 UTC  

@Rogue My dating profile lists my terms for marriage and my intended dowry

2018-12-16 14:41:26 UTC  

@John O - power move

2018-12-16 14:43:24 UTC  

A good waifu will be worth at least two medium income provinces, maybe more if accompanied by ladies in waiting.

2018-12-17 16:27:08 UTC  

If you want some good stuff for your dating profile look up some of the personal ads from the late 1700s. Lots of good stuff in there.

2018-12-17 18:29:50 UTC  

@Der Seeteufel - SD sounds interesting! Got a link?

2018-12-18 23:26:41 UTC  

Sorry @ThisIsChris I didn't see that notification until just now and I don't have the link I was looking at anymore.

2018-12-18 23:27:51 UTC  

I'm about to leave for Australia to see my girlfriend and her family. Wish me luck guys.

2018-12-18 23:29:14 UTC  

Good luck holmes

2018-12-19 04:40:48 UTC  

Good luck and don’t fall off the earth

2018-12-19 04:54:33 UTC  

I just got to LA from here I'm going down under. I'm not a fan of long flights. I always have trouble sleeping on the plane. Hopefully when we do the barrell roll at the equator it won't wake me up.

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2018-12-19 05:18:15 UTC  

Goodluck! Safe Travels!

2018-12-19 21:34:25 UTC  

I made it to Brisbane. I'm going to Adelaide so I have another short flight before I see my sheila!

2018-12-24 04:37:34 UTC  

Australian picnic.

2018-12-24 04:37:39 UTC

2018-12-24 04:39:08 UTC  

Girls like picnics.

2018-12-24 04:58:47 UTC  

@Der Seeteufel - SD nice! How warm is it there? It's summer there right? So weird how everything is the opposite there.

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2018-12-24 04:59:29 UTC  

Yeah it's summer.

2018-12-24 15:22:27 UTC  

They call it Summer in December, right?

2018-12-24 19:50:20 UTC  

@John O - it is summer. It's forecast to be 107°F on Thursday. I'm going to the beach.

2018-12-24 19:52:25 UTC  

I'm in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Wine Country.

2018-12-24 19:54:38 UTC  

It's actually pretty interesting my girlfriend and I are both German Lutherans her ancestors went to Australia and mine to America.

2019-01-02 02:46:48 UTC  

Wow that's really cool @Der Seeteufel - SD interesting how some can find their way back to their own people. Good for you,glad your enjoying it!

2019-01-22 05:47:38 UTC  

Any interesting stories of telling someone you're dating about your involvement in IE?

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2019-01-22 06:03:07 UTC  

maybe someday

2019-01-22 06:46:36 UTC  

@Valaska I have told my GF that I am involved with far right politics but it's a bit different for me because she's Austrailan. She doesn't know much about American politics. She really doesn't care and even though I have told her some of the things I do for IE can be dangerous she doesn't think it's important. I think at some point in the future I will bring her to an IE event and I am hoping that it's not too much for her.