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2017-07-13 06:53:02 UTC  

Well, he thinks the holocaust was evil. I'm actually making good inroads with everything else.

2017-07-13 06:53:22 UTC  

the holohoax never happened. tho I wish it had

2017-07-13 06:53:52 UTC  

Try weev's R.A.C.E. method

2017-07-13 06:54:01 UTC  

Not familiar.

2017-07-13 06:54:04 UTC  

yeah, it does work

2017-07-13 06:59:13 UTC  

I'm reading it.

2017-07-13 06:59:25 UTC  

A question for everyone though.

2017-07-13 07:00:24 UTC  

His final argument was that it didn't matter how many Jews died, but what mattered was that they were in concentration camps at all.

2017-07-13 07:00:50 UTC  

Basically, the Nazis left men, women, and children in camps to die.

2017-07-13 07:01:15 UTC  

If they could not feed them, they should have let them go, etc.

2017-07-13 07:01:21 UTC  

Ask him why they were put there? Bring up the kike revolt of 1918

2017-07-13 07:01:44 UTC  

He'll probably say "oh they were antisemitic"

2017-07-13 07:02:14 UTC  

I brought up various things like that, but his argument boiled down to basically "not all jews."

2017-07-13 07:03:17 UTC  

Some of the Jews may have needed to be there, but too many innocents got lumped in.

2017-07-13 07:05:14 UTC  

Ask him what vetting procedures he would instuitute if every city in America began having suicide bombers blow themselves up all day. Ask him if he'd put them all in camps or if he'd spend forever letting more Americans die every day to guarantee each muzzrat their due process, bc "not all muslims"

2017-07-13 07:05:46 UTC  

But tbh, it sounds to me like you have a lost cause on your hands.

2017-07-13 07:05:55 UTC  

Auschwitz was comfy tbh, and would he rather the germans split up families? Also what azz said

2017-07-13 07:06:04 UTC  

Idk, I wouldn't say that

2017-07-13 07:06:28 UTC  

A friend of mine was shitlib as fuck

2017-07-13 07:06:31 UTC  

We've been friends for 13 years. I'm not letting him go without a fight.

2017-07-13 07:06:40 UTC  

He's not even shitlib

2017-07-13 07:06:50 UTC  

He's trad as fuck on so many things

2017-07-13 07:06:53 UTC  

well, lost cause in terms of convincing him via argumentation. Most ppl come to these things slowly.

2017-07-13 07:07:06 UTC  

He's a blood relative to Nathan Bedford Forrest.

2017-07-13 07:07:07 UTC  

it will get easier as our movement grows more popular

2017-07-13 07:07:28 UTC  

right now normies fear embracing nationalism bc they fear social shaming

2017-07-13 07:07:38 UTC  

He was taking (((psychology classes))). All they need is a sane friend/mentor to plant the seeds of doubt

2017-07-13 07:09:12 UTC  

We talk philosophy every once in a while. He calls me to talk about degeneracy that he sees on the street and said "maybe you're right about all this"

2017-07-13 07:09:31 UTC  

That's hopeful.

2017-07-13 07:09:41 UTC  

Same with my dad. He basically disowned me after he found out I was an ebil nahtzee

2017-07-13 07:10:34 UTC  

But I'm open about my beliefs and after Tucker had that blm slag on his show he donated to VA

2017-07-13 07:10:44 UTC  


2017-07-13 07:11:16 UTC  

tie people up in a chair and make them listen to all 19 episodes of The Krypto Report. That works 100% of the time. 😉

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2017-07-13 07:11:37 UTC  

It was our first conversation about it, so he went to the emotional plea he's been brainwashed with

2017-07-13 07:11:48 UTC  

Lol I'm sure it does

2017-07-13 07:12:32 UTC  

It's not even the politics or degeneracy he has trouble with.

2017-07-13 07:12:44 UTC  

I think it boils down to this

2017-07-13 07:13:43 UTC  

Something that helped redpill me on the JQ was the coincidence detector btw. Make them question themselves and get them to start noticing patterns

2017-07-13 07:15:06 UTC  

His argument would be the same, not all Jews