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2018-09-19 23:42:55 UTC  

I remember in 2015 there was a study across multiple top dating sites that showed the aggregate of data by preferences. African females and Asians males were considered the least desirable. With White males and Asian/white females being considered the most desirable.

2018-09-19 23:46:48 UTC  

Yeah. Blackening is a problem, but less of a problem as we hyper-aware people sometimes blackpill ourselves into thinking. The real danger is the up and comong generation, with the propaganda pushed much harder

2018-09-19 23:59:00 UTC  

I live in a very small town but am far past the age opportunity of picking up "le trad waifu" meme. Sadly internet is about the only avenue. Oh well back to the read and lift.

2018-09-19 23:59:35 UTC  

Nah bro it's never too late

2018-09-20 00:32:51 UTC  

I don't mean in a fatalistic foreveralone . jpg sense. Just saying at 32 with little wealth, there's a small to zero chance of a prime bride.

2018-09-20 00:36:05 UTC  

Which makes sense. at 32 with little wealth, I'm not a prime groom lol

2018-09-20 01:32:59 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Religion bro! Get one. It will not only improve your chances at finding a trad waifu it improves your life over all.

2018-09-20 01:42:03 UTC  

How do you just "get" a religion? I don't know how to have faith without evidence

2018-09-20 01:42:19 UTC  


2018-09-20 01:44:02 UTC  

I wish i had the answer to that. I wish I could have faith. But the faithful are adamant that I am "choosing" my own atheism as much as they are choosing their faith

2018-09-20 01:58:23 UTC  

Actually Christianity has an answer for that question. Romans 10:17 "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." I would encourage you to go to church even if you don't believe. The ritual of having a specific set time and day every week where you engage socially with a community is good for you regardless.

2018-09-20 01:59:16 UTC  

^^^I agree with this. If I could find a relatively close church that isn't pozzed I'd attend

2018-09-20 02:00:54 UTC  

Look for Confessional Lutheranism. Missouri, Wisconsin, or preferably if you have one nearby CLC Lutheran. I'm CLC Lutheran my pastor knows I'm in IE and thinks it's great.

2018-09-20 02:03:03 UTC  

It's also how I met my girlfriend who is so trad she has literally never worn pants and her favorite song is Edelweiss from "The Sound of Music".

2018-09-20 02:05:12 UTC  

She plays the harp bro! In a sailor dress bro!!!

2018-09-20 02:05:33 UTC  

Also she has a sister.

2018-09-20 02:29:59 UTC  

I have tried to feel both Christ as well as pagan gods, and I never feel anything. I can't believe anything. I'm willing to go through the motions in the hopes something clicks. But the only pagans around are fat leftists, and the only Christians around are universalist, Israel-slave, football-player worshiping cucks.

2018-09-20 02:30:21 UTC  

I tried praying this summer while out in the woods.

2018-09-20 02:30:31 UTC  

^^^^yep my feelings exactly

2018-09-20 02:30:54 UTC  

I don't want to countersignal or insult those with faith. I fully acknowledge I am the defective one.

2018-09-20 02:30:59 UTC  

Society is better with a healthy faith.

2018-09-20 02:35:04 UTC  

I think a big problem with America is diversity of religion. It makes having one cohesive church impossible, but I don't have any problem with someone "church shopping" lots of Christians are pozzed straight to hell, and I mean that literally, but there are still lots of based Christians too. You just have to find us.

2018-09-20 02:38:34 UTC  

@Der Seeteufel - SD I listen to the Godcast (lol and Helicopter Mom). I thought about an Orthodox Eastern church, an hour away.

2018-09-20 02:39:14 UTC  

Catholic churches are pretty much just Mexican here. Not a lot of Irish or Italians.

2018-09-20 02:40:31 UTC  

A problem I have @Der Seeteufel - SD is that Christians have actively told me that they do not want non believers attending, especially if they have somekind of agenda, and all they have to do is google my name to find out what my true feelings are.

2018-09-20 02:40:49 UTC  

Thank you Charlotesville

2018-09-20 02:42:27 UTC  

I'd be constantly trying to make darwinism fit into the frame, not taking every scripture literally, and for liberal churches counteracting that stuff too

2018-09-20 02:42:49 UTC  

Well then they suck. Like I said my pastor knows I'm in IE and that I was at Charlottesville. He doesn't see any conflict that could affect my faith.

2018-09-20 02:43:48 UTC  

My own step father has studied the scriptures his whole life and said he would compare Identitarianism to a cult or masonry, and therefore incompatible

2018-09-20 02:44:56 UTC  

The comparison with masonry usually stems from the fact that it is a pseudonymous group which aims to acheive power. I see the resemblence.

2018-09-20 02:44:56 UTC  

We're probably dipping to deep into a religious discussion for the being single channel.

2018-09-20 02:45:27 UTC  

Yeah we do have an unofficial religious server where most members are IE

2018-09-20 02:45:30 UTC  

It's weird that we want a society where elders are heeded, but our "elders" (boomers) are anomalous sabatague against all tradition, and therefore, a liability.
Care for and honor, sure. But they need to have power taken from them.

2018-09-20 02:46:10 UTC  

@ThisIsChris could you send me an invite?

2018-09-20 02:46:14 UTC  

I think what we want is not neccessarily elders heeded but rather *tradition* heeded

2018-09-20 02:46:19 UTC  

yep just a sec

2018-09-20 02:51:52 UTC  

I'm a voting member of my church and will eventually be an elder. In order to get there though I had to start from the bottom. To try to redirect this back to a conversation about being single I think that sometimes we tend to think more about the ends than the means. You can't introduce yourself to a girl with a marriage proposal. You have to be willing to start small and be patient.

2018-09-20 02:55:36 UTC  

Very true. Putting cart before horse is a problem for the very intelligent as well as the identitarian, i.e. ethnostate speculation when most white people aren't pro-white...

2018-09-22 18:45:00 UTC  

What if you’re 🅱agan

2018-09-22 20:07:25 UTC  

Good luck finding a pagan gf lol

2018-09-22 20:07:58 UTC  

Hard to even find pagan guys to hang out with much less a pagan girl who isn't a whale