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2018-12-08 16:20:14 UTC  

until you start working

2018-12-15 00:07:55 UTC  

Catching up on this channel was fun

2018-12-15 00:14:05 UTC  

Can’t contribute anything on the texting game front, definitely a weak point for me. I guess you’d have to carry your irl attitude into it but when getting a girls number from a dating app that’s so many degrees of separation I just don’t even bother.

2018-12-15 00:53:09 UTC  

what about ebola chan?

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I went on a date this week but the girl was not as cute in person, made me carry the whole convo, had been divorced, and had crazy-eyes

2018-12-15 04:33:03 UTC  

So yeah

2018-12-15 04:33:14 UTC  

Still single

2018-12-15 04:39:28 UTC  

@Sherlock better luck next time! "Divorced" how old was she?

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@Sherlock makes sense

2018-12-15 23:54:56 UTC  

@Sherlock I'm not sure how old you are but you might want to try dating younger girls. I know that a lot of arguments can be made about lack of maturity and such but by 31 most unmarried women are probably beyond saving. Some people might consider me an extremist but I don't think it's crazy for a man in his forties to pursue women in their early twenties.

2018-12-15 23:57:04 UTC  

I’m 33. I would definitely prefer a younger girl so i can avoid the baggage and also because I’d like kids

2018-12-16 00:00:12 UTC  

But I’m still figuring out how to meet girls at all in my 30s. I didn’t have much trouble getting girls when I was younger but it’s different now - not in college etc, don’t have the social network. So far, dating apps seem the best (or at least easiest) way of meeting girls who aren’t insane. But idk

2018-12-16 00:05:17 UTC  

20 and 40 seems like a bit much

2018-12-16 00:05:18 UTC  

Yeah I always give the advice of go to church. Even if its just to meet people in general it's still good for you, beyond that look at how you are spending your time and try to make a conscious effort to increase the number of people who you are interacting with. If you spend an hour or two a day playing video games for example try going to a park instead. Little things like that add up over time.

2018-12-16 00:05:49 UTC  

The thing about age differences is that it's hard to quantify what is acceptable

2018-12-16 00:05:59 UTC  

Ultimately, any rule will be "arbitrary"

2018-12-16 00:09:25 UTC  

I'm 27 and my girlfriend is 19. Originally she thought I was too old for her but I was able to convince her otherwise. Ultimately I think what matters most is relationship dynamics. What are your goals, what are her goals, and how do those things mesh. I think in most cases for people in our movement that tends to older men with younger girlfriends and wives.

2018-12-16 23:20:55 UTC  

Church is where the good girls are.

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its complicated imo

2018-12-16 23:23:55 UTC  

Even within the same denomination, different parishes have vastly different cultures. All the liberals in my town go to one church, moderates go to another, and the most traditional go to another one.

2018-12-16 23:24:13 UTC  

So just try and search out for more traditional communities then?

2018-12-16 23:24:57 UTC  

And even if there are some feminists at church, the odds of finding a traditionalist are far better than outside of church.

2018-12-16 23:25:23 UTC  

I agree with the chances. You are right in that there are higher chances when going to church. Sorry to nitpick

2018-12-16 23:25:35 UTC  

I just meant like basically its a minefield almost everyone. Less of a minefield in church though

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2018-12-16 23:25:50 UTC  

Church youth groups = A+ dating market

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2018-12-16 23:53:25 UTC  

A lot of churches push the diversity stuff really hard

2018-12-16 23:56:59 UTC  

There was this really Christian blonde girl I worked with who posted this creepy video about how we're all the same and united in Jesus

2018-12-16 23:57:52 UTC  

A lot of time I see them posting pictures from their missions to Africa or Latin America

2018-12-17 00:35:14 UTC  

@Myndrian Please read the <#338772935462354945> channel. To keep discussions in this server contructive, especially this life-skills section, certain discussions are prohibited such as anything related to MGTOW and some other things, and are subject to removal. I know you're new to the server so it makes sense, but this is a good reminder for anyone else who reads this too.

2018-12-17 00:36:22 UTC  

ok np

2018-12-17 01:14:39 UTC  

@Jacob a church that doesn’t preach the pozz is a bit of a diamond in the ruff, but they exist. A local IE friend brought me to a very traditional Catholic Church and I’m loving it.

2018-12-17 01:15:18 UTC  

Ya I'm trying to keep a pulse on Mormonism but I think they have tendencies to go global and adopt globalist strategies to increase membership

2018-12-17 01:15:31 UTC  

but who knows they may retain their Northern european heritage

2018-12-17 02:08:09 UTC  

A Catholic friend who did research in the various Christian denominations said that Mormonism teaches that black skin is a punishment from God. That was interesting to hear.

2018-12-17 02:12:21 UTC  

SSPX has an whole traditional Catholic community across the nation. They do singles week somewhere in Oklahoma, I believe, because the trad Catholic communities are so small it's hard to meet other true Catholics.😉