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2018-07-15 07:46:45 UTC  

Russia is like, get em while they’re hot folks. Everyone loves white people for their work ethic then replace them with Asians and other non whites when the time is right.

2018-07-15 08:07:49 UTC  

Russia isn't based, but they want the south africans for their skills.. it's not about their skin color

2018-07-15 08:31:12 UTC  

That’s what I mean. Work ethic= better economic output for Russia. They don’t actually care about their plight at all, it’s what they can get out of it.

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2018-07-21 16:23:52 UTC  

We don't want anymore Jews.

2018-07-21 16:24:24 UTC  

Send them to the Congo.

2018-07-21 16:24:32 UTC  

Or Uganda.

2018-07-21 19:47:56 UTC  

@Deleted User those comments. Christ.

2018-07-21 19:48:10 UTC  

Jewry on a whole new level.

2018-07-21 19:48:26 UTC  

It's like anuddah shoah!

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2018-08-08 09:09:55 UTC  

Since you're doing the Big Gay episode

2018-08-08 09:10:00 UTC  

make sure you cover this:

2018-08-08 09:10:31 UTC  

Absolutely disgusting. It's basically an invitation for other nations to attempt to invade and annex your nation.

2018-08-08 09:10:42 UTC  

Extreme weakness.

2018-08-08 09:11:24 UTC  

It's sick.

2018-08-21 13:35:50 UTC  

based donald trump 4d chess!!!!!!!!

2018-08-27 07:44:22 UTC  

Yesh this is gonna give him the political capital to build a large wall and numerous mobile gassing trucks!

2018-08-27 07:44:30 UTC  

Just wait and see

2018-08-27 07:45:22 UTC  

On a lighter note....

2018-08-27 07:45:41 UTC  

McCain is gonna die soon

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2018-08-27 10:46:48 UTC  

>is gonna die
He died two days ago