Message from @snowdog VASF iii%

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2021-03-22 00:42:57 UTC  

Where the road was half gone it broke to the yellow line

2021-03-22 00:43:18 UTC

2021-03-22 00:43:27 UTC  

Yeah, you showed one of road washed

2021-03-22 00:43:30 UTC

2021-03-22 00:43:32 UTC

2021-03-22 00:43:37 UTC  


2021-03-22 00:44:51 UTC  

Ok I didn’t know the one I’m starting on this week is worse than this one I have to get in the ditch to drill it and the rock is about thirty feet down I’ve already test drilled it I done that Friday

2021-03-22 00:45:14 UTC  

Wow, yalls roads are bad

2021-03-22 00:45:28 UTC  

Hope you all have a great night God Bless y’all and GUNS UP

2021-03-22 00:45:49 UTC  

Yeah that rain we got just about washed the roads out completely

2021-03-22 00:45:57 UTC  


2021-03-22 00:46:16 UTC  

But that’s job security for me though lol

2021-03-22 00:46:25 UTC  

I see

2021-03-22 00:47:22 UTC  

Yeah, that bitch sucks shit

2021-03-22 00:47:39 UTC  

He stole money then got caught

2021-03-22 00:48:20 UTC  

Hope he rots his bitch ass in jail

2021-03-22 00:53:57 UTC  

Dog Soldier KYSF III % sorry guys not checking in tonight GOD BLESS GUNS UP "

2021-03-22 00:56:04 UTC  

Checking in guns up still getting used to my new job hope everyone is doing well guns up

2021-03-22 01:10:09 UTC  

The best to all of you as you get ready for the start of a new week. Guns Up!!!

2021-03-22 01:12:20 UTC  

Guns up

2021-03-22 01:13:55 UTC  

Guns up " Capt Big Dog

2021-03-22 01:19:46 UTC  

Guns up sir missed you guys this weekend!!!
Although it would’ve just been five or six MORE people that out worked me!!!

2021-03-22 01:29:07 UTC  

Guns up fam ][][][%🇺🇸

2021-03-22 01:29:53 UTC  

Bastion is back in da house

2021-03-22 01:30:39 UTC  


2021-03-22 01:32:52 UTC  

(TIRED) as hell!!
I go night night now!!

2021-03-22 01:33:06 UTC  

You go boi

2021-03-22 01:33:52 UTC  


2021-03-22 01:46:32 UTC  

A little cautionary note about Discord donating to BLM.

2021-03-22 01:47:53 UTC  


2021-03-22 01:49:12 UTC  

So would this be a sign to make our own platform or would that be advisable?

2021-03-22 01:50:35 UTC  

I mean feasible or do able

2021-03-22 01:51:11 UTC  

We definately need to be sure we have another place to go.

2021-03-22 01:55:13 UTC  

Maybe General needs to setup our own non-profit and be on the receiving end of some donations.

2021-03-22 02:14:58 UTC  

Guns up everybody