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2021-04-20 21:41:42 UTC  

Nothing else to do I guess. I can now shoot my rounds off

2021-04-21 00:51:22 UTC  

I think we should definately shop at Home Depot. They are wanted to boycott them just because they did not speak out against the new law in Georgia that helps to make our elections fair. So SHOP AT HOME DEPOT

2021-04-21 00:53:43 UTC  

@LANSHARK @Isaiah please sound off or be banned from this group.

2021-04-21 00:55:53 UTC  

I shop at home depot daily... part of my business lol

2021-04-21 00:57:37 UTC  

Just bought a new Honda mower, so doing my part tooπŸ‘

2021-04-21 00:58:39 UTC  

Lowes respects ALL Veterans, unlike Home Depot.

2021-04-21 00:59:25 UTC  

Home Depot also give a 10% discount to Veterans.

2021-04-21 01:02:55 UTC  

Love Lowes because they have vet parking spots

2021-04-21 01:03:20 UTC  

Love that too.

2021-04-21 01:06:13 UTC  

Active duty and retirees. Not ALL Veterans unless it's recently changed.

2021-04-21 01:12:56 UTC  

What's the deal with GhostOwl? He messaged me asking for a chance to interview again

2021-04-21 01:15:29 UTC  

Never interviewed before. Always something with family came up

2021-04-21 01:15:35 UTC  

Has 6 kids

2021-04-21 01:15:42 UTC  

Wife was in hospital

2021-04-21 01:15:48 UTC  

Blah blah blah

2021-04-21 01:16:51 UTC  

Recently changed, they'll take dd214, drivers license with vet on it

2021-04-21 01:17:57 UTC  

Anyone can get it on license. Just take dd214 to a drivers license place get the paper return it to local drivers license office

2021-04-21 01:26:47 UTC  

I've had it one license and up until Covid, they wouldn't accept it. I'll try again.

2021-04-21 01:40:13 UTC  

They let me park in the lot, just not very close.

2021-04-21 01:42:47 UTC

2021-04-21 02:02:42 UTC  

Holy Shit, **over a 1000** in your group. Do you need more help managing it? Can't be me. FaceBook deleted my account and my ghost account.

2021-04-21 02:03:55 UTC  

The FB woke popo will eventually come for you.

2021-04-21 02:09:15 UTC  

I have Lncl honey Badger as Admin and smokinjoe as moderator sir " how did you know about our count sir I'm looking for more sir

2021-04-21 02:10:29 UTC  

Your count is displayed in your post above.

2021-04-21 02:10:30 UTC  

Wish you could help me sir " your the best at administrative work sir

2021-04-21 02:11:27 UTC  

Thank you sir " I love you guys sir GUNS UP

2021-04-21 02:15:40 UTC

2021-04-21 02:19:12 UTC  

@Beaker GSF III% what site is that GA gun trader on?

2021-04-21 02:21:03 UTC  

It’s a group on MeWe. There are quite a few gun groups there.

2021-04-21 02:56:34 UTC  

Dog Soldier I just asked to join you FEDbook group...

2021-04-21 03:35:32 UTC  

Yes ma'am " got ya

2021-04-21 03:35:48 UTC  

@patriot60 welcome to the group.

2021-04-21 03:36:26 UTC  

Big Dog " look at this "

2021-04-21 03:36:47 UTC

2021-04-21 03:37:17 UTC

2021-04-21 03:37:28 UTC

2021-04-21 03:37:42 UTC

2021-04-21 03:37:42 UTC  

He sent me a friends request