Message from BraeJager TX in Southern Front #general

2017-06-06 17:34:07 UTC  

Is it a nigger?

2017-06-06 17:35:55 UTC  

No clue, private profile and just a lame normie meme as a profile pic.

2017-06-06 17:36:33 UTC  

Well calling you a scared white boy usually indicates a mud.

2017-06-06 17:37:35 UTC  

I feel like I've spent too much time analyzing a shitpost, perhaps

2017-06-06 17:37:39 UTC  

Whenever I'm unsure I just ask something like. Are you a nigger because you think one. They'll either instantly block you or chimp

2017-06-06 17:37:57 UTC  


2017-06-06 17:38:12 UTC  

And yes Thomas, you have. You could have been getting us some velcro patches for our hats.

2017-06-06 17:38:23 UTC  


2017-06-06 17:38:29 UTC  

With that logo.

2017-06-06 17:38:37 UTC  

It's funny because muds have no good insults for whites

2017-06-06 17:38:51 UTC  

Meanwhile, we could go on forever for just blacks

2017-06-06 17:38:52 UTC  

Oh man, I wouldnt know the first step to that. We need to get out supplier from Anticom back. He's been out of touch.

2017-06-06 17:39:13 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan he is doing good

2017-06-06 17:39:26 UTC  

I talked to him like last week

2017-06-06 17:39:41 UTC  

Check with him. If he can't do it, I'll give it a go.

2017-06-06 17:40:00 UTC  

Talk to alex about it

2017-06-06 17:40:07 UTC  

You should bring a bunch of stickers to Houston, I'll have to update some designs.

2017-06-06 17:40:12 UTC  

He has a better bond

2017-06-06 17:40:27 UTC  

I'll do it. Tell me which ones you want and it can be done.

2017-06-06 17:40:33 UTC  

Do it in PM please.

2017-06-06 17:40:39 UTC  

Ill update them today, yeah dont worry

2017-06-06 17:42:04 UTC  

So did mine, whore. It doesnt make a difference. The truth doesnt care about your personal connections or affiliations.

2017-06-06 17:42:08 UTC  
2017-06-06 17:45:08 UTC  

Part of my family came from Germany after the war, and most of them supported the war and relatives fought in it

2017-06-06 17:47:35 UTC

2017-06-06 17:47:49 UTC  

My Dutch friend sent me this

2017-06-06 17:47:57 UTC  

Millennial woes lol

2017-06-06 17:49:53 UTC  

That's *almost* funny... *almost*

2017-06-06 17:50:17 UTC  

Rush is the official band of VA right? @White-PowerStroke(Dillon)

2017-06-06 17:50:32 UTC  

It's Huey Lewis and The News

2017-06-06 17:52:44 UTC  

What about Robbie Rotten

2017-06-06 18:02:10 UTC

2017-06-06 18:07:29 UTC  

Modern country music is so shit

2017-06-06 18:07:33 UTC  

Pop country

2017-06-06 18:15:21 UTC  

How about ***no.***

2017-06-06 18:16:13 UTC  


2017-06-06 18:16:16 UTC  

Is he stupid?

2017-06-06 18:17:39 UTC  

This was on 8ch today. Definitely relevant

2017-06-06 18:22:16 UTC  

Hmm, reminds me exactly of BSM and I assume it's talking about the Breitbard reporter lady?