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Deleted User 2018-02-05 23:10:18  

@Argument of Perigee I was thinking the same thing.

Argument of Perigee 2018-02-05 23:11:45  

I feel like it might be a good evening point, but it could drop back to $1,000, so who knows.

Aldo 2018-02-06 04:47:27  

who turned off the money faucet?

Jacob 2018-02-06 04:50:57  


Aldo 2018-02-06 04:51:59  

imagine my surprise ^ my whole stacks in an ETH based ICO atm :'[ dist. on 11th hopefully I get 3x returns and then it recovers 😅

Pavel Cristović 2018-02-10 02:23:54  

.......a couple weeks back the optimists were saying?.......

Jacob 2018-02-10 06:18:29  

@Pavel Cristović I'm genuinly not sure what you mean by this post

Deleted User 2018-02-10 17:37:41  

me either

Deleted User 2018-02-10 17:37:56  

"the optimists"

Deleted User 2018-02-10 17:38:04  

This chart btfo's bulls and bears

Jacob 2018-02-12 06:24:46  

lol still trying to figure out what is meant here

Jacob 2018-02-12 06:25:06  

.........a couple days back the vague meme posters were saying?.........

Jacob 2018-02-12 06:27:14  

The chart shows a very clear positive trend, and anyone who bought early enough would have plenty of profit, so, just basing my opinion on the chart alone and nothing else, it would make sense to be optimistic. Of course, that's not really how markets work, so I'm not sure what the point here is.

varjack WA 2018-02-13 00:37:52  

Alright boys my gen x parents are interested in bitcoin what do I tell them?

Jacob 2018-02-13 00:42:53  

Don't invest what you can't afford to lose

Jacob 2018-02-13 00:43:10  

Do your own research and make sure you actually understand this stuff to some degree

Volkmom 2018-02-13 02:57:52  

Wtf with Binance???

Volkmom 2018-02-13 02:58:13  

I had to get binance bc poloniex stopped trading steem

Volkmom 2018-02-13 02:58:33  

And it's not allowing me to withdraw my LTC to Coinbase without enabling two factor id,

Volkmom 2018-02-13 02:58:57  

But the only options they offer don't work with a brand new Apple laptop????

sigruna14 2018-02-13 22:55:45  

Anybody think BTC will go back up anytime soon?

sigruna14 2018-02-13 22:56:20  

It's about time for me to pull some coin as I've been planning to do, but I heard tell it's hit bottom and may go up so I'm not sure if I should just pull now as I planned or hold for a bit.

Deleted User 2018-02-13 23:05:31  

imo it's going to go up. whether it goes up next week or in 3+ months, that's anyone's guess

Jacob 2018-02-13 23:14:19  

@sigruna14 I *think* it'll go up eventually, but I'm not really the guy to give advice

Jacob 2018-02-13 23:14:41  

Also, I divested from Bitcoin and now only own altcoins

Mark Vandal 2018-02-20 18:34:37  


Tanner - SC 2018-02-24 03:27:46  

@sigruna14 No one really knows. Best bet is to review how low the dips went after previous surges. Usually after a 60% drop, that’s the full bottom.

Tanner - SC 2018-02-24 03:28:28  

Long-term, I’m optimistic for crypto growth.

Tanner - SC 2018-02-24 03:29:37  

@Volkmom 2-factor is not supposed to be based on your laptop, it’s supposed to be based on your smartphone. On iPhone, I use FreeOTP

Jacob 2018-02-24 03:42:54  

I could use some growth 😨

Volkmom 2018-02-24 05:15:05  
Volkmom 2018-02-24 05:15:36  

What do you all think about LTC right now???

Tanner - SC 2018-02-26 01:42:52  

Well, the founder of LTC sold all of his.

Tanner - SC 2018-02-26 01:43:19  

And I don’t see any significant competitive advantage for it.

Jacob 2018-02-26 01:48:43  

I noped out of it so hard when the founder sold his

ThisIsChris 2018-02-27 02:41:32  

I found this a while ago but forgot to post:

ThisIsChris 2018-02-27 02:41:45  

Some guy made an open source cryptocurrency trading bot:

ThisIsChris 2018-02-27 02:42:17  

GDAX has an API too so you can probably hook that up instead of Bittrex

Freiheit - CA 2018-02-27 03:18:41  


Volkmom 2018-03-03 03:42:45  

What coin is predicted to gain atm??