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2018-06-25 07:48:46 UTC  

OK, so there is an exhalation of air at the end?

2018-06-25 07:48:48 UTC  

Kind of catlike

2018-06-25 07:49:34 UTC  

I think High German Hoch Deutsch they may say it like an sh

2018-06-25 07:50:05 UTC  

The male and female voices seem to differ a bit too on the pronunciation.

2018-06-25 07:51:16 UTC  

It’s a fricative, so there’s a puff of air. Like English F or sh

2018-06-25 07:51:32 UTC  

It’s not a stop, so there’s air.

2018-06-25 07:51:44 UTC  

It's hard to say it 🙃

2018-06-25 07:51:55 UTC  

It takes some time for sure

2018-06-25 07:52:24 UTC  

In some dialects of English (including general American) it’s the same sound that’s in “human”

2018-06-25 07:52:34 UTC  

The h glide sort of thing

2018-06-25 07:52:40 UTC  

Not everyone says it like that

2018-06-25 07:52:53 UTC  

Most people do though

2018-06-25 07:53:06 UTC  

I will practice! Thanks for the assist you two.

2018-06-25 07:53:18 UTC  

It’s much more toward the front of the mouth than the ch in noch

2018-06-25 07:53:32 UTC  

That one’s way in the back, this is at the alveolar ridge

2018-06-25 07:53:39 UTC  

Np man

2018-08-26 01:45:46 UTC  

@John O - could I get a new invite thanks

2018-08-26 01:45:58 UTC  
2018-08-26 01:46:24 UTC  
2018-08-26 01:46:30 UTC  
2018-08-26 01:52:11 UTC  

@Freiheit - CA always wanted to learn German as well, I just DMD @BryceB-ND cause he said he spoke

2018-08-26 01:52:24 UTC  

@John O - thanks Johnny

2018-08-26 01:52:50 UTC  


2018-08-26 02:14:20 UTC  

Ich kann sehr gut Deutsch sprechen 👌 dm me or just speak here

2018-08-26 02:15:07 UTC  

I can help you with your pesky german ch's

2018-09-26 02:23:12 UTC  

I can help anyone with their Mandarin chinese if they need it

2018-10-01 22:17:08 UTC  

Looking for someone to practice French with.

2018-10-01 22:20:43 UTC  

Helping me get my accent to a understandable level would be greatly appreciated

2018-10-05 08:15:42 UTC  

@Johnboy I can do that. I lived in Montreal for a couple of years when I was a kid- my French is pretty good.

2018-10-08 13:00:56 UTC  

Anyone in @here well versed in Latin

2018-10-08 15:51:04 UTC  

@Valaska Are you starting out?

2018-10-13 04:15:19 UTC  

I'm thinking of learning another language (either picking up Spanish where I left off in high school or learning German from scratch). Which would you recommend and is duolingo any good?

2018-10-13 05:09:33 UTC  

Duolingo is fine for vocabulary, it’s less good when it comes to internalizing grammar. There’s really no way around the latter without slogging through a reference grammar.

2018-10-26 05:11:55 UTC  

Any fluent German speakers here? I have two sentences for translation; eBay seller can't understand what google translate spit out.

2018-10-26 05:12:20 UTC  

"Can you please verify that there are no cracks in the plastic worm/reduction gear? My motor works but the gear is cracked and it prevents operation."

2018-10-26 05:12:44 UTC  

it's called a worm gear, but also known as a reduction gear

2018-10-27 01:46:24 UTC  

@BryceB-ND ☝️

2018-10-27 03:39:52 UTC  

Koennen sie bitte sagen, wenn dieses Stück arbeitet? is a shitty way to ask but thats the best i can do atm

2018-10-27 03:44:13 UTC  

Meinen Motor arbeitet aber der "Gang"(?) ist kaputt, also das ganzen Motor arbeitet nicht.

2018-10-27 03:44:26 UTC  

I'm rusty but try that.

2018-10-27 03:45:30 UTC