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2019-01-05 05:20:40 UTC  

been listening to English madrigal songs lately

2019-01-09 20:38:23 UTC  

New Eyes

The love of a parent is not as
An adolescence's that mountains
Sensations and burdens dulled seeing.
A parents' love, loves its childs' eyes,
Newborn eyes that drink the worlds' fresh milk
And awed instruct wonder quiet sacred
That it is not old-age which calloused sight, rather youth greedy for aging
So drinking became drunken.
Thus childs' insight simple, us teaches
The ancient secret of eternal youth

2019-01-16 06:14:15 UTC  

Interesting perspective

2019-01-18 21:54:07 UTC  

Does anyone have a copy of Byron De La Vandal's music from before it was wiped from the internet?

2019-01-18 23:08:21 UTC  

Search Vandal Void

2019-01-18 23:08:26 UTC  

It’s in limited state

2019-01-18 23:25:38 UTC  

Should be on YouTube too

2019-01-19 01:28:05 UTC  

@Ecarttev Which songs do you need? Ive got some in google drive

2019-01-19 02:58:15 UTC  

@Mojave Paisan - NV I've only heard stiff upper lip and you know I'm right. I'm up for anything else

2019-01-19 03:32:15 UTC  

@Mojave Paisan - NV thank you very much.

2019-01-19 05:11:34 UTC  

no problem

2019-01-19 17:33:35 UTC  

@Ecarttev i have 14 of his songs, and I believe it's everything he put out.

2019-01-19 17:34:21 UTC  

I'll DM you

2019-01-29 01:24:19 UTC  

Just thought I’d share these English & Irish folk ballads with y’all

2019-01-29 01:28:24 UTC  

hell yeah

2019-02-07 19:52:26 UTC  

Folk gang

2019-02-22 15:18:02 UTC  
2019-02-28 05:17:19 UTC

2019-03-03 14:40:20 UTC  

@Nemets That’s beautiful. Do you know who painted it?

2019-03-04 01:37:57 UTC  

@Ryan -NJ Mark Maggiori - French guy who paints a lot of western scenes