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2021-02-17 00:10:37 UTC  

increase in the velocity of money increases in the rate at which people spend things which grows the economy faster

2021-02-17 00:10:37 UTC  

I was just saying because you guys were confused why he muted himself. @Punished Nazberg

2021-02-17 00:11:04 UTC  

if your money changes hands farther it goes to a business, for instance, and that increases middle class income or whatever

2021-02-17 00:11:17 UTC  

velocity of money = more national income

2021-02-17 00:11:35 UTC  

but if that money goes to immigrants overseas or to immigrant communities i guess it doesn't make much of a difference

2021-02-17 00:11:41 UTC  

it'd probably go to white bourgeois at first

2021-02-17 00:11:46 UTC  

"muh economy"

2021-02-17 00:11:54 UTC  

same shit every time

2021-02-17 00:11:57 UTC  

Such a vaushite conversation

2021-02-17 00:11:57 UTC  

yeah the economy is frankly a weak point because libs are definitely right when it comes to muh economy

2021-02-17 00:12:19 UTC  

that is, if you're bourgeois

2021-02-17 00:12:27 UTC  

Second time he's talked about MS13 despite Grete not mentioning it once and it not being relevant to the convo

2021-02-17 00:12:46 UTC  

Chud status: owned

2021-02-17 00:13:17 UTC  

Economy is a gay convo but niggas forget all the strain spics make on the system by not paying for healthcare and education but still taking it

2021-02-17 00:15:39 UTC  

So much talking over one another.

2021-02-17 00:15:54 UTC  

guys one at a time

2021-02-17 00:18:32 UTC  

happy christmas

2021-02-17 00:18:46 UTC  

merry poo

2021-02-17 00:19:00 UTC  

i guess I'll be the one to mention historical statues

2021-02-17 00:23:45 UTC  

Adolf Stalin > Sargon

2021-02-17 00:24:11 UTC  

Interrupts everyone and then has a stroke when someone calls him a member of some group

2021-02-17 00:24:15 UTC  

@Mister Jay every single woman

2021-02-17 00:24:21 UTC  

half of the poulation

2021-02-17 00:24:37 UTC  

every liberal woman

2021-02-17 00:25:54 UTC  

Beat O rorke lost bc the Democratic power base didn't want anyone left of Biden in power, not because he alienated the famous gun-loving section of the Democratic party

2021-02-17 00:26:18 UTC  

butt judge

2021-02-17 00:26:28 UTC  

beat cork

2021-02-17 00:28:55 UTC  

@Mister Jay all you've done is interrupt ppl, complain when you're interrupted and run away from points to go on irrelevant tangents about 2016 tier stuff

2021-02-17 00:29:59 UTC  

Jimmy Doorknob

2021-02-17 00:30:42 UTC  

"turn off ur youtube videos" nigga you're the one talking about sargon of akkad in 2021

2021-02-17 00:30:52 UTC  

What the actual fuck is going on in this debate?

2021-02-17 00:31:22 UTC  

I have no idea

2021-02-17 00:31:23 UTC  

i cant talk

2021-02-17 00:31:29 UTC  

talk to grete

2021-02-17 00:31:29 UTC  

misterjay running off to talk about irrelevant things whenever he's backed into a corner

2021-02-17 00:31:49 UTC  

Agree and amplify

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