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2021-02-06 21:18:10 UTC  

Its our responsibilty as a society to guide them to less destructive ends

2021-02-06 21:19:24 UTC  

Because we have individualstic liberal society the people who slip through the cracks end up in more and more depraved places, habits, identities etc

2021-02-06 21:20:26 UTC  

And there are more and more of these people because we fail at socializing and giving a place to people in society

2021-02-06 21:21:58 UTC  

I stg more than half the people I knew in highshool theater are now trans. It's so fucking sad

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2021-02-06 21:27:17 UTC  

Hail alienation

2021-02-06 21:27:26 UTC  

Hail cults

2021-02-06 21:27:30 UTC  

Fuck 'society'

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2021-02-06 22:18:40 UTC  

If an adult wants to be trans what is the issue there?

2021-02-06 22:19:54 UTC  

Oh no

2021-02-06 22:20:04 UTC  

Nazberg is typing

2021-02-06 22:20:34 UTC  

You fucking passive aggressive faggot you don't get to talk shit to anyone

2021-02-06 22:20:55 UTC  

@Punished Nazberg show some respect to the man its literally in <#793519133177675802>

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2021-02-06 22:21:16 UTC  

What did I do?

2021-02-06 22:21:29 UTC  

Tell me

2021-02-06 22:21:32 UTC  

I demand to know

2021-02-06 22:21:50 UTC  

What is worng with Faggots anyways?

2021-02-06 22:21:58 UTC  

In this server, you have to be aggressive.

2021-02-06 22:22:33 UTC  

@BigJim you only support lgbt because you can capitalize on it

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2021-02-06 22:22:54 UTC  

They spend a large sum of money that could better go to more helpful areas of the economy, their new identity is just a sponge for attention and time and it enables more people to become trans. Plus more trannies lower the no. of people who could reproduce

2021-02-06 22:22:58 UTC  

and you only support them because its popular now

2021-02-06 22:22:59 UTC  

I support lgbt because I care about people including lgbt

2021-02-06 22:23:08 UTC  

opprutunistic piece of socdem

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2021-02-06 22:23:19 UTC  

you wouldnt give a single fuck if it was the 80's or something

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2021-02-06 22:23:35 UTC  

That is a non falisfiable claim

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2021-02-06 22:23:42 UTC  

what is that supposed to mean

2021-02-06 22:23:51 UTC  

We have no way of knowing what I would believe if I lived in different circumstances.

2021-02-06 22:23:59 UTC  

No way of knowing

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2021-02-06 22:24:03 UTC  

@BigJim why do you care about people? This is a serious question.

2021-02-06 22:24:08 UTC  

Therefore your claim in invalid

2021-02-06 22:24:27 UTC  


2021-02-06 22:24:32 UTC  

Why do I care about people

2021-02-06 22:24:36 UTC