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2021-02-15 02:40:54 UTC  

no he didnt even take it further

2021-02-15 02:40:58 UTC  

he is in direct opposition ideologically

2021-02-15 02:41:02 UTC  

to someone like

2021-02-15 02:41:04 UTC  


2021-02-15 02:41:14 UTC  

or even the conservative wing of the revolutionaries

2021-02-15 02:41:20 UTC  

he operationalised nationalism

2021-02-15 02:41:22 UTC  

in the french state

2021-02-15 02:41:33 UTC  

and basically forced others like the prussians and british to do the same

2021-02-15 02:41:35 UTC  

in order to beat him

2021-02-15 02:41:36 UTC  

how is that different?

2021-02-15 02:41:57 UTC  

cuz the jacobins were antinationalist

2021-02-15 02:42:05 UTC  

it seems to be that your are seething, coping, dilateing, etc.

2021-02-15 02:42:35 UTC  

napoleon made nationalism cool and fancy and interesting

2021-02-15 02:42:47 UTC  

you wanna guess who didnt do that? <:damaged:795724932729405451>

2021-02-15 02:44:22 UTC  


2021-02-15 02:44:35 UTC  

Napoleon was a flaming faggot who emancipated jews and that amounts to his legacy

2021-02-15 02:44:50 UTC  

this is ur brain on NS

2021-02-15 02:44:51 UTC  


2021-02-15 02:44:56 UTC  

be warned

2021-02-15 02:45:00 UTC  

lay off da red ice kool aid

2021-02-15 02:45:17 UTC  

jews aren’t central to history as u think they are

2021-02-15 02:45:29 UTC  

I never said they are

2021-02-15 02:45:51 UTC  

Are you gonna say negroes are central to history if i call Lincoln a faggot for emancipating them?

2021-02-15 02:45:56 UTC  

Idiot retard tranny etc

2021-02-15 02:45:57 UTC  

i wish to live as an ashkenzai surrounded by italian twinks in my giant gayreek style mansion in london

2021-02-15 02:46:22 UTC  

hitlers legacy is ruining germany and making nationalism the soul evil of modernity

2021-02-15 02:46:35 UTC  

look at how epic i am at reductive analysis

2021-02-15 02:46:38 UTC  

i am smart

2021-02-15 02:47:35 UTC  

niggas writing a fuckin essay rn

2021-02-15 02:47:44 UTC  

cracklife1488 you have the enthusiasm of an online racist but lack the talent.. <:quaint:804076618061709384>

2021-02-15 02:48:43 UTC  

@epstein worship ur in the top 5 dumbest ppl in this server

2021-02-15 02:48:48 UTC  

do better.

2021-02-15 02:49:34 UTC  

Yeah unlike napoleon Hitler is seen as so 'beyond human' his symbols are purged out of fear and superstition, as to not summon his spirit from the dead as if fearing a demigod

2021-02-15 02:49:46 UTC  

I'm afraid Hitler is the most important person in history

2021-02-15 02:50:24 UTC  

If demons ravage the earth as result of his absence, it just proves the point

2021-02-15 02:50:49 UTC  

wash yo ass

2021-02-15 02:51:01 UTC  

wow i wish i hadnt taken 8 seconds to read that rubbish

2021-02-15 02:55:20 UTC  

I thought that was an uncontroversial screenshot

2021-02-15 03:21:15 UTC  

started @epstein worship sperg fest

2021-02-15 03:21:31 UTC  

if I make semi-ironic reply
that will deflect criticism bc fewer ppl will take me seriously
but there will always b that one guy,,,