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this_that5553 2017-12-26 19:08:15  

Idk if OpenBazaar is enough for marketing a business. But accepting bitcoin is a big benefit to your business

duramaxed 2017-12-26 19:08:50  

Yeah it needs to be developed more before it can be completely trusted.

this_that5553 2017-12-26 19:09:30  

We need something like Etsy to accept bitcoin

ThisIsChris 2017-12-26 19:32:17 accepts bitcoin, or at least it did. I know a lot of merchants have been having problems because the fees and transaction times are too slow

celticflame 2017-12-26 20:16:19  

@this_that5553it sounds neat,but still really unsure of bitcoin,don't know all that much of it. But i like the concept of OpenBazaar. Something to think about more once i get going

John O - 2017-12-26 20:30:30  

@celticflame you can always immediately convert it to American $, or spend it on Amazon.

celticflame 2017-12-26 23:05:06  

@John O -hmm ok,i like that

this_that5553 2017-12-26 23:54:36  

If I had a business where I produced goods, I would use that as a good opportunity to get bitcoin

ThisIsChris 2017-12-27 15:03:45  

I should have said this before, but I realize now we should keep crypto related conversation out if here too

Pavel Cristović 2018-01-02 20:05:56  

@ThisIsChris (autistic screeching intensifies) I assume you mean cryptofinance and that this would be the preferred place for cryptography and COMSEC discussion? because the latter (which actually may or may not be channel-worthy) is something that I can offer some decent insights about that don't relate to the former at all

Deleted User 2018-01-02 21:33:10  

@ThisIsChris what about blockchain related topics? crypto is based on it but blockchain is used for other things.

ThisIsChris 2018-01-03 00:30:27  

@Pavel Cristović you're right I just meant cryptocurrencies

ThisIsChris 2018-01-03 00:32:09  

@ArtairRose#9199 blockchain OK, even the technical aspect of building your own cryptocurrecy is OK, what I want to prevent is the price of today's altcoin deriding all topical conversation in a channel that isn't cryptofinance

Tanner - SC 2018-01-04 06:09:42  

>Intel says the stock sale was unrelated to the vulnerability, but came as part of a planned divestiture program. But Krzanich put that stock sale plan in place in October - several months after Intel was informed of the vulnerability.

Why do they lie about stuff that’s so easy to disprove?

A redditor’s response:

Tanner - SC 2018-01-04 06:09:56  

Possibly because Krzanich will probably never get SEC actions taken against him.

He's been the CEO of Intel - the manufacturer of the most powerful tool for exfiltrating foreign countries' data that the NSA has ever had.

He oversaw and kept mum about the IME blackbox in every Intel CPU. There's absolutely no way that people at Intel didn't know about these vulnerabilities years ago. They've collected and analysed crash dumps from billions of installed systems running hundreds of OEM OSes for the past two decades.

The fact that they were not fixed means one thing: Intel's largest customer, the US Intelligence Community, ensured this "feature" that Meltdown exploits, continued to be kept in production.

The last Tech Sector CEO to refuse to comply with US Intel extrajudiciary activities, in PRISM, got the SEC so far up his colon that he couldn't cough without filling out a stock value impact form and got prosecuted for insider trading.

Krzanich played ball and gave the NSA every feature they wanted for as long as he worked there. He won't spend a moment in a courtroom.

this_that5553 2018-01-04 18:36:50  

Anyone @here know how to fug with webpack? @sigruna14 wants to know

sigruna14 2018-01-04 18:37:07  

Damn I forgot about this server.

sigruna14 2018-01-04 18:37:08  


ThisIsChris 2018-01-04 18:49:53  

>this server btfo'd

Why Tea 2018-01-05 02:07:09  


AP 2018-01-06 20:02:57  

Do any of you guys have experience with e-commerce, dropshipping, using Shopify storefronts to sell items? It’s piqued my interest lately

ThisIsChris 2018-01-06 21:14:28  

@AP I know that @celticflame was looking into something very similar lately, if you search the history of this chat. Maybe she would be willing to share what she found with you?

celticflame 2018-01-07 12:12:16  

@APmessaged you back. Unfortunately have had to put all business on hold,on back burner for now. Got thrown into alot of family personal stuff going on

ThisIsChris 2018-01-07 13:09:35  

@celticflame I think it's a topic that a lot of people are curious about, could you post something here about what you found?

celticflame 2018-01-07 14:13:08  

Well my head feels like stuffed wool right now do to alot of stuff going on in family so bare with me...
For the past year or 2,i have been slowly building up a small hand beaded jewelry business, getting products made now some in small bulks here n there,ready to sell. Got some business cards made off of Vista Print. Have looked online into Etsy & Ebay that want to charge you a lovely fee per item that you try to sell off their sites,decided not to do. Have looked into and started setting up app called "Shopify"- they give ypu a 14day trial period to start setting things up,give you some sample pages for you to set up,display your items for sale,seem the best to go by. Have gotten emails back on directing traffic to your site once you get it made,etc and how to help with the business aspects of it. There are some free sample pages u can use or some u pay fee for,all depends on your set up and way you want things, etc. So far seems the most solid from what i have compared to other sites in the past. Just need to get it done,set up. Because at the time i would have got started a bunch of family emergencies have happened so haven't had chance to finish setting up. I have kept somewhat track of receits,costs it has taken to make all my products,but still have alot not done so best to keep a quickbooks aspects of business costs set aside for your product's. Have taken lots of patience and time to build products up,so not something you do relatively quick. Still learning barely by the curveballs thrown at me. Plus what it will cost to ship products, and what you also have to factor in. Am alot closer to trying to get it off the ground but like i said have now had family issues to deal with so having to set aside and come back to again in lil while when i get better time,rtc set aside. Please excuse any fuzziness,really drained right now from driving lots hours,stress & little sleep.

celticflame 2018-01-07 14:14:17  

Just 1 example of my product i have made by hand,take alot of time and patience

celticflame 2018-01-07 14:16:09

celticflame 2018-01-07 14:19:13  

Not to mention costs of supplies i get off ebay or local,etc. Like Silver,gemstone beads like the Amethyst,Opal,Pearls in bottom set,or some of the Swarovski crystals,silver & silvwr chain in top 1. Alot of factors...

celticflame 2018-01-07 14:20:56  

Anyways,thats as far as I've gotten. Takes time,sorry can't be of any further help right now folks. Like i said,so close to launching but am having to put on hold to help with extended family matters

celticflame 2018-01-07 14:25:16  

Oh also have a magnetic reader white Square thing to use too

Placidseven - MO 2018-01-07 14:25:38  

If anyone is looking for contracting leads...I know a guy looking for someone with node.js/angular experience building gui. I believe some Mongo experience is helpful. DM me if interested. He's looking to fill the position within the week.

celticflame 2018-01-07 16:00:32  

Also,put into perspective that I made a photobox out of cardboard & cheesecloth and couple decent lightning setups to photograph some stuff with,play around with,that also takes time to get every item done,which I'm still learning & playing with since some pics take and others don't. Also costs for Display,bags,etc too. Lots of aspects still fiddling and learning by trial or fail. And if you decide to sell at craft fairs or other faires to get your name out,besides it going online and getting started. And other business apps that can help you or books,what have you. Factor your costs it takes to make item,add in your time it takes to make it & times by 3. When i took old jc jewlery class in past, teacher told us to times the item by 3. That's material costs,time,etc

celticflame 2018-01-07 16:02:44  

Best to keep solid stable accounts to go by instead of hit and miss,otherwise you have to go back and figure out all over again & thats alot of wasted time

celticflame 2018-01-07 16:15:01  

Also if for instance you have to go by price of silver that you use if you hand sauder a silver ring,how those stock prices flutuate. Not to mention the costs you can't apply for say your own quality hand tools you might use to make a piece. Nor your work space. But thats off topic a lil. Anyway hope ya get the jists of tryung to start up your own company and many facets you have to factor into it

celticflame 2018-01-07 16:16:54  

Sorry its not alot of tech jargon but what goes into prior to it. Like i said,learning as i go

this_that5553 2018-01-10 15:45:32  
this_that5553 2018-01-10 15:45:40  

Self-hosting that would be great too