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Now I personally have only ever used two of these, the teepee and the log cabin, and I only ever really use the teepee tbh fam
When building the fire, you want 3 parts: tinder, kindeling, and fuel. Starting from small and getting larger
Tinder. no youre not swiping right patrolling thots, your lighting this on fire. It needs to be small and fine. Dry Grass/ leaves, wood chips, tiny twigs, some pine needles. Whip out that pocket knife (why are you camping without one) and shave off some small shavings

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Now you start building it up. You got your real small tinder in the middle very loosely packed (oxygen is key) and you start adding some slightly bigger tinder, then slightly bigger, so on and so on
Commie propaganda works great as well rip that paper up real small
Now add your kindeling. These are gonna be your medium sized stuff. Normal medium sticks, bark, etc. Go for about the size a pencil, working your way up slightly bigger and slightly bigger all the way around in the shape of a teepee

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second picture from biggest to smallest. fuel, bigger kindeling/smaller fuel, smaller kindeling, tinder

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@Mark Vandal Good stuff. Some folks grind their tinder into a powder aye?

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Then the fuel wood. this is your bigger stuff now. about the size of your fourearm and wrist. As with the kindeling and tinder smaller to larger. No logs yet that when youve got this thing hot and roaring then you can starting pushing them in from the sides

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@Deleted User i never have. but if you got some saw dust thats a good start but you want something more solid

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Doesn't matter the kind of fire the basics remain the same

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this is like any kind of skill you need practice. but once you get good at it youll never forget it. if this isnt autistic enough. you cna find videos online. go do your googles

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If you don't like the way I formatted this or have suggestions let me know

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@Mark Vandal This is great stuff. My family is big into building fires; we tend to do them the log cabin version, though it has its downsides - my experience has been that they need to be done correctly or else the kindeling won't get the coals burning properly. Knowing different styles is important.

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@Deleted User different styles have different purposes. We can get into different survival fires sometime like fires in holes and how to build one on wetlands and snow. I always preferred teepee. It's simple, easy and quick.

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Dakota fire hole

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I like ⛺️ as well

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I really like camping in the open air when the weather's good enough

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Haha no I typed teepee and it out that emoji

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Upside down fire is also pretty sexy

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@Thomas Morrow that's the one. Forgot the name

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Good for windy conditions and for concealing light

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I never get to go camping anymore. Miss it

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You spend your whole life outdoors when you get to that point where you can no longer find the time it sucks

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I know the feeling

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At some point, we're gonna have IE bush trips

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That'd be awesome

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dixie was supposed to have a trip comming up but i havnt heard much of it in a few weeks

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I know we are just starting out here, but I think a piece on gutting and cleaning fish would be very useful. Perhaps even one for deer?

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@Deleted User @Mark Vandal I'll get to work on that i have done both ill put it on the list, thanks for the suggestion.

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What kind of things are y'all curious about? If you have any requests or suggestions on lessons let us know

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I skin a pig every February but I've never skinned a buck. I hear it's similar. Maybe some pointers on that sort of thing?

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Cover a bunch of basics. Most people don't know very much about hunting, fishing, outdoor survival etc in this day and age

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True. Something as simple as tying a hook on a line could be of use

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I've always wanted to try a self feeding fire

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Anyone have any personal experience with one?

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Never done it. While camping we would throw a big log on when we went to bed and in the morning we would get it going again with the coals. In a survival situations we would have a watch rotation to feed it. Never bothered to make that

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Yeah same here. I think it's an interesting concept though

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A future look into the day to day lives of white men in the ethnostate after societal collapse

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@Envian thanks for sharing that I watched the whole video. Very 😎