Message from Felden - CO in MacGuyver - Skills & Academics #ranger

2018-10-01 04:00:43 UTC  

I have a well used black hoodie from American Apparel. Rarely put the hood on.

2018-10-01 04:00:46 UTC  

Aviators might be a bit much. Not trying to ape Uncle Ted's look.

2018-10-01 04:01:11 UTC  

I look like an Ayy lmao with ayyviators anyway

2018-10-01 04:01:38 UTC  

I use obnoxious colored cheap sunglasses...people see me and think, "who's this guy think he is, lol, okay Hollywood" then the poster goes up.

2018-10-01 04:02:00 UTC  

My outfit says, "I'm a local"

2018-10-01 04:02:06 UTC  

The art of distraction lol

2018-10-01 04:02:35 UTC  

My glasses say, "This guy is pretentious, I'm going to ignore him and laugh."

2018-10-01 04:03:39 UTC  

The nice thing about the glasses, is that they are so blatant, and the outfit is so not memorable, I can take them off and they'll be looking for the guy with the neon glasses with nothing else to go on.

2018-10-01 04:04:01 UTC  

That's my take on it.

2018-10-01 04:04:51 UTC  

Grey hoodie can work well, depends how you're built. I carry posters in a laptop bag I got at the apple store years ago, smallest messenger bag I could find.

2018-10-01 04:04:56 UTC  

I look like a yuppie.

2018-10-01 04:05:52 UTC  

Also, women remember shoes very well, I try to make mine as plain and uncharacteristic as possible.

2018-10-01 04:06:24 UTC  

common black chucks in near-new condition, or comfy vans

2018-10-01 05:08:37 UTC  

No red New Balance? (kidding)

2018-10-01 05:08:52 UTC  

I need to get some.

2018-10-01 05:09:11 UTC  

I was joking because that's the unofficial uniform of the DS book clubs

2018-10-01 05:09:23 UTC  


2018-10-02 19:46:05 UTC  

Has anyone killed an Elk? This is my third season going after these beautiful animals. I went archery hunting, and had zero luck. Iā€™m going with a rifle in November. Just wondering what your guys experience is.

2018-10-31 21:35:07 UTC  

Cool job site for conservation and ecological work -

2018-10-31 21:36:35 UTC  

@Felden - CO No, never. The population is growing in SW OK, thanks to a booming population at a National Wildlife Refuge and expansion outward, but I never have taken one. Better have friends to help you with the work afterwards, do you have an ATV or some kind of cart?

2018-10-31 22:54:29 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN where I hunt, no wheels are allowed. Only humans and hoof. I have to quarter out my animal in 2-3 trips.

2018-10-31 23:02:37 UTC  

Ah, a wilderness area. Imagine thinking horses are less disruptive than bikes. -__-'

2018-11-01 14:14:44 UTC  

Lol yeah. Those piles of horse apples cause more disruption than bikes.

2018-11-15 04:34:49 UTC

2018-11-15 04:35:09 UTC  

About 30 of these guys walk into my yard every day.

2018-11-15 04:35:34 UTC  

One of the new jakes has a huge beard

2018-11-15 05:05:41 UTC  

Neat! Huge flocks spotted here in SW OK

2018-11-15 21:13:11 UTC  

I love elk hunting with full bars of LTE. šŸ˜€

2018-11-16 19:12:00 UTC  

I already posted this in farming but I thought you rangers might like it too.

2018-11-16 19:46:07 UTC  

Nice buck.

2018-11-16 23:16:22 UTC

2018-11-19 00:55:19 UTC  

My cousin got him.

2018-11-19 00:57:04 UTC  

With his legs up behind his head like that it looks like he's just chillin.

2018-11-19 01:02:36 UTC  

So relaxed

2018-11-26 06:01:16 UTC  

Constantinople not Istanbul

2018-11-26 06:28:30 UTC  

Looks like dinner was running late.

2018-11-27 22:40:39 UTC  

Always remember boys nature is dangerous. This is my dad's dog. He's fine btw.

2018-11-27 22:45:19 UTC  

porcupined! poor doggo

2018-11-27 22:51:05 UTC  

You might not be surprised to hear that this isn't the first time he's picked a bad fight. He's been skunked twice. He's a monster hunting dog though. When he was younger he used to catch pheasants by himself.

2018-11-30 02:09:06 UTC  

Diverse and vibrant Asian ticks